UFC 117 odds and betting lines from vegas

Its UFC 117: Silva vs. Sonnen. Check out the live odds at Bodog sportsbook.

Anderson Silva -450
Chael Sonnen +275

Clay Guida -125
Rafael Dos Anjos -115

Ricardo Almeida -170
Matt Hughes +140

Junior Dos Santos -350
Roy Nelson +250

Thiago Alves -130
Jon Fitch -110

Canada Geese in New York

I thought the meat on the shelf came from an artificial meat factory. You mean those burgers I ate were a cute fuzzy animal?

Monday's HS recap

I agree , but please, no Facebook. That shit is as buggy, half assed and unreliable as HS.com is. Never have a seen a more wonky piece of online software somehow sucker so many people into using it.

Artie Lange Update From The Howard Stern Show

Its the Howard Stern Radio Show - 07-15-10

( T | O | D | A | Y | S ) ( R | U | N | D | O | W | N )
  • Howard And Robin Review ''Inception.'' 07/15/10. 6:00am
  • Howard's Anger Over America's Got Talent And Fireworks. 07/15/10. 6:10am
  • David Perel From RadarOnline.com Calls In. 07/15/10. 6:30am
  • Mel Gibson Tape Replay. 07/15/10. 6:55am
  • Alexa Ray Joel Visits. 07/15/10. 7:15am
  • America's Got Talent Discussions. 07/15/10. 8:20am
  • Michael Lohan On FOX News Clip. 07/15/10. 8:40am
  • Gary Was Missed Yesterday, Will Now Second In Command? 07/15/10. 8:45am
  • Child Actor John Rebello Visits. 07/15/10. 8:55am
  • The Gossip Game With Mike Walker. 07/15/10. 9:25am
  • Howard 100 News, Wrap Up Show And Superfan Roundtable Previews. 07/15/10. 9:40am
  • Today's Mel Gibson Tape From RadarOnline.com. 07/15/10. 9:45am
  • Robin's News And Larry King/David Letterman Tapes. 07/15/10. 9:55am
  • Wrap Up Show Coverage Coming Later. 07/15/10.
Latest on Artie Lange stay tuned.