Kidd Chris Show Prank Calls BJ Penn

Kidd Chris Show pranks calls the UFC 101 conference call. If you're regular Howard Stern listener you'll know the name. He's responsible for the amazing George Takei phony phone call and many hilarious song parodies. This is the first time I've had chance to check out the show and I must say they're really good. The show is streamed free online, so check them out.

Shogun Rua Bet of the Year

Mauricio "Shogun" Rua +400?

Bas Rutten Chokes Out Cam Stewart Live On Air

MMA legend Bas Rutten chokes out overweight TV and radio personality Cam Stewart. Cammy goes to sleep for a couple of seconds, before regaining conciseness. Cool clip but don't try this at home kids.

Fedor vs. Vitor Belfort Odds and Betting Lines

The fight may not be official yet but you can count on the betting lines being available at the two major online sportsbooks for MMA bettors. Both Bodog and Sportsbook have odds listed for the yet to be announced bout. Fedor Emelianenko remains the odds makers choice at incredible -825 (Bet $825 for a $100 return) while former UFC champion Vitor Belfort is a +550 underdog.
Despite the lopsided odds former UFC champion Randy Couture believes that Belfort would be a credible challenger for worlds top ranked heavyweight. In a recent interview with with ESPN's Jake Rossen and Sacha Feinman, Couture claimed that Belfort had as good of a chance as late withdrawl Josh Barnett. “The fact that he's a southpaw and Fedor hasn't prepared for a southpaw, the fact that he is very, very agile and explosive and a great boxer all lend well to him having a great performance," Couture said. "It's really a win-win for Vitor to fight one of the top guys in the sport, being a smaller guy stepping up on such short notice. … He's got just as good a chance as anybody. Certainly he has as good a chance as Barnett had at fighting Fedor."
Here are the current Fedor Belfort odds and full Affliction 3 betting lines from our friends at Sportsbook.
Affliction 3: Trilogy Betting Odds - August 1st
Fedor Emelianenko -825 vs. Vitor Belfort +550
Renato “Babalu” Sobral +125 vs. Gegard Mousasi -130
Takanori Gomi -600 vs. Rafaello Oliveira +400
Paul Buentello +155 vs. Gilbert Yvel -185

Cro Cop vs. Dos Santos at UFC 103

Cro Cop: No One Could Match the UFC Offer

The Croatian MMA star will return to the Octagon on the 19th of September in Dallas and will face Brazilian Junior dos Santos. Its official Cro Cop has signed a three fight deal with the UFC.

"I am pleased to return to the UFC, the only global MMA organization. Unfortunately, all the other organizations are lagging behind the UFC at the moment. Japanese Dream cannot compete with Americans financially nor with quality of their fighters either."

"UFC has become what Pride once was, and has even surpassed it. I will always be grateful to the Japanese, because its there that I made my name in this sport. However, the Dream offer for me was not a challenge."

"I'm sorry that the UFC and Dream had a battle for me. Certain people even called me a fraudster and I even read a remark by Dana White where he alleged that I called him 600 times - Mirko explains and adds:
I called him exactly - zero times. I sent him one SMS and that's all. I wouldn’t call anyone 600 times even if my life dependent on it. I do not want to be portrayed in such a light - said Mirko.

White made a mistake that had to be corrected by Lorenzo Fertitta during his stay in Croatia.

Translated from

Cro Cop vs. Dos Santos Odds and Betting Lines

Odds are out for the UFC 103 bout between international MMA star Mirko Cro Cop and rising star Junior Dos Santos. The lines makers at Betcris make the 2006 OWGP champion a slight betting favourite in his UFC return. Junior dos Santos holds 8-1 MMA record, 2-0 in the UFC. The betting lines seem to indicate that he will be able to hold his own dispite the big jump in competion. Mirko Filipovic is avaible at -130 while Junior Dos Santos is priced at even.

UFC 103 Betting Odds: Mirko Filipovic -130 vs. Junior Dos Santos Ev.

Cro Cop is coming off a controversial first round TKO victory over Mustafa Al-Turk. His UFC record stands at 2-2 and he is without loss in his last four bouts. Junior dos Santos most recent victory came against Dutchmen Stefan Struve. Cigano also holds a knockout victory over former Cro Cop training partner Fabricio Werdum.

Lesnar vs. Fedor Odds and Betting Lines

Believe it or not but odds are out for one of the most anticipated fights in MMA history, should it ever take place that is. Both Sportsbook and Bodog have betting odds listed for a possible Brock Lesnar vs. Fedor Emelianenko fight. The popular online sportsbooks have posted the exact same lines for the fantasy match-up. At -240 Fedor would enter the bout a comfortable betting favorite, with odds makers giving him a 70% chance of victory. Lesnar would be a +190 underdog (Bet $100 for a $190 profit).

Betting Odds: Brock Lesnar +190 vs. Fedor Emelianenko -240

Under Bodog sportsbook rules the bout must take place before October 3rd, 2010 for your bet to count. If the bout fails to eventuate all stakes will be returned.

Bet on Fedor vs. Lesnar at

MMA Tattoos Hall Of Fame

Alan Belcher I hereby induct you into the MMA tattoo hall of fame. You join the likes of Brock Lesnar, Aleksander Emelianenko and Jeff Monson.Your name will live on, long after your career is over.

If you were unfortunate enough to miss the full story on Alan Belcher’s ink on Saturday, head over to the Savage Science. They have the full story on Alan Belcher's tattoo. Show them some love, they're on the cutting edge of the MMA media landscape.

Dan Henderson knockout video of Bisping

This is an absolutely incredible knockout video from UFC 100. Its Dan Henderson against Bisping. Its one of the best KO's I’ve seen in the UFC. A very deserving winner of the knockout of the night award.

A post fight interview with Henderson and Mike Straka right after the devastating KO over Michael Bisping at UFC 100.

UFC 100 Prop Bets from Betus

The odds makers have gone over the top for UFC 100. There are literally hundreds of great prop bets available for players. The good folks at Betus have great selection of bet types available including distance, decision and draw betting , KO odds, lines for every round as well as variety of other props bets for the three co-main events tonight.

Below is a selection of the most interesting prop lines currently available.

Lesnar vs Mir Props Sat, Jul 11, 2009 EST
Will the fight go the 5 Rd distance
Yes +600
No -1200
All wagers have action.

Lesnar to win fight in Rd 1 +250
Any Other Result -400

Lesner to win entire fight in Rd 1
Lesnar to win fight in Rd 2 +400
Any Other Result -700

Mir to win entire fight in Rd 1
Mir to win fight in Rd 2 +800
Any Other Result -2000

St. Pierre vs. Alves Props Sat, Jul 11, 2009 EST
11:00 PM (EST) 1203 Alves/St.Pierre goes 5 round distance +260
1204 Fight won't go 5 round distance -350

Henderson vs. Bisping Props Sat, Jul 11, 2009 EST
Bisping/Henderson goes 3 round distance -205
Fight won't go 3 round distance +165

UFC 100 odds update from Sportsbook

We are now only a few moments away from one of the most spectacular events in the history of the fight game. UFC 100 is finally here and oh what’s that around the corner? It’s our UFC 100 odds update.

Here are the latest lines from our friends at Bodog, Sportsbook and Bookmaker. If you’re not signed up with any of these guys make sure to open an account right now to take advantage of the spectacular odds on offer. UFC 100 will have plenty of blood and guts but more importantly a whole heap of great bets those for looking to spice things up on Saturday. So what better time to set-up your account than now. That ends our UFC 100 preamble, now onto the odds.

Lesnar looked slightly soft in the weight ins but don’t let that fool you, he has been focusing on technique rather than strength leading up to this bout. Will it be the same aggressive Brock we’ve seen in his past three bouts? Absolutely, he’s looking sharp. Mir will have his hands full once again and will have to pull out a mini miracle to survive the fist two rounds. For the believers, Mir is best priced +220 available at sportsbook.

Thiago Alves on the other hand is looking as big as ever however size alone wont be enough against an inform St. Pierre. This bout has decision written all over it. Look for GSP dominate toward another successful title defence.

Henderson looked pretty good against Franklin on route is decision victory at UFC 93. Bisping is very scrappy though and could be if Henderson doesn’t dominate early. That’s a chance of an upset here, the Englishmen could steal a decision if Henderson is not careful.

UFC 100 betting odds

Brock Lesnar -240
Frank Mir +220

Georges St-Pierre -290
Thiago Alves +260

Dan Henderson -220
Michael Bisping +200

Alan Belcher +185
Yoshihiro Akiyama -225

Mark Coleman +320
Stephan Bonnar -390

Matt Grice +115
Shannon Gugerty -135

Jake O Brien +310
Jon Jones -400

Jon Fitch -455
Paulo Thiago +405

Cb Dollaway -270
Tom Lawlor +210

Jim Miller -185
Mac Danzig +160

Dong Hyun Kim -255
T.J. Grant +195

My best tip for all fight fans is this. Whatever you do, just don’t sit on the fence. Take these picks and bet big. It doesn’t get much better than this. Lesnar vs. Mir, Alves vs. St. Pierre and Handerson vs. Bisping, these three main events will have the house rocking. Head over to either Bodog or Sportsbook to place your UFC 100 bets before its too late.

UFC 100 predictions video from the pros

UFC 100 picks from "Colombian Complain".

UFC 100 predictions from the professionals.

Brock Lesnar Door Breaking Video

Brock Lesnar loses it on the UFC 100 countdown show.

Frank Mir Looking Good For UFC 100

Battle of bad tattoos? Put your money on Mir. Lesnar has become a little overvalued.

UFC 100 Video Blog Day 2

Cro Cop vs. Junior dos Santos in Sepember

Its looks official. Cro Cop will more than likely face rising star Junior dos Santos.

The Brazilian striker is very inexperienced, has spent about a 1 minute inside the octagon and he's already facing Cro Cop. He trains with good people though, Nog and Anderson Silva. I've also seen him spare with Shogun Rua. According to his UFC biography he started training in 2005, I don't know how accurate that is but I wouldn't like to loose to a guy that took up the sport four years ago. Incidentally thats the same year Cro Cop faced Fedor.

One thing is for sure, the UFC loves Cro Cop. Eddie Sanchez, Gonzago, Kongo, Al Turk, now Dos Santos. Its another match-up that should suit the Croatian very well.

Dana Getting Ready For UFC 100

Check out the Asian guy with the ATJ Lucko shirt.

Betting on UFC 100

Being a degenerate gambler and all, I couldn't have been be happier when one of my favorite sportsbooks increased their maximum bet limit on all UFC bouts. This is the email I received earlier today.

Good to hear from you Robert. This is perfect timing that you should bring this up because we recently just agreed to decrease the maximum bet threshold for UFC bouts from $500 to $1000. This will be officially announced in next week to all players.
We are now up to $1000, and I hope this makes things a lot easier for you. Let me know what if you need anything else.

Perfect timing too. Unfortunately UFC 100 will not air live here in Australia but plan B is already in place. For those not residing in this part of the world, head over to sportsbook for all your UFC 100 betting needs.

Dana on Cro Cop

I dont know if you guys caught the latest Dana White interview where he touched on Cro Cop situation again. I thought I’d post here in light of recent developments. Like in 99% of these phony interviews the DJ/host is always kissing his ass so hard its embarrassing. The guy asked him if Cro Cop called White and asked him to stop calling him names in the press (or words to that effect) and Dana replied, "hmm.. but you're pretty good." So in roundabout sleazy way saying yes. When asked if Cro Cop could ever return to the UFC, White replied, "See what happens. He hasn’t fought in Japan yet. See what happens".Dana also talked about a possible return of Vitor Belfort and Chuck Liddell. The full version is embedded below.

UFC 100 odds and betting lines

Odds are out for one of the most anticipated UFC events in recent years. This card not only features six of the UFC biggest names but includes a very impressive under card, with the likes of Mark Coleman and Stephan Bonnar set to kick things off. The main card will feature two title fights (Welterweight and Heavyweight) and a bout between the coaches of The Ultimate Fighter 9: United States vs. United Kingdom. The action is just days away, here are the latest UFC 100 odds as they stand at the time of posting.

All odds and betting lines thanks to our good friends at As always the check the official sportsbook website, for the most update lines.

UFC 100 Betting Lines
July 11, 2009, Las Vegas, Nevada

Brock Lesnar -215
Frank Mir +180

Georges St-Pierre -285
Thiago Alves +250

Dan Henderson -220
Michael Bisping +185

Alan Belcher +245
Yoshihiro Akiyama -290

Mark Coleman +290
Stephan Bonnar -350

Jake O Brien +345
Jon Jones -430

Jon Fitch -410
Paulo Thiago +330

Jim Miller -175
Mac Danzig +155

On a completely different note, is it just me or has the UFC commentary been lacking as of late. I like Joe Rogan, he seems like a nice guy but my fondness for his “special comments” (and comedy too but that's another story) has waned. I think it all started around the Pride acquisition and culminated at UFC 79 at Lyoto Machida vs. Sokoudjou, when Joe Silva made the this isn’t Japan comment, insinuating that Soku's competition was easier in Japan and Rogan agreeing with him. He has came off a UFC company man ever since.

Mike Goldberg is just horrific. MMA commentating lacks the professionalism of the NBA, NFL etc, and is one of the few things that annoy me about MMA right now. I could tolerate it a few years ago when it was still a fringe sport but now its starting to bug me.

UFC 100 is the UFC biggest and most important card this year. Six huge names and arguably the new face of the UFC, Brock Lesnar, headline this epic card. Its one not to be missed. If you have friends or family that have yet to watch an MMA event, make sure they catch this card on PPV. For the betting inclined, i recommend heading over to Sportsbook and opening an account.