Cro Cop vs. Dos Santos at UFC 103

Cro Cop: No One Could Match the UFC Offer

The Croatian MMA star will return to the Octagon on the 19th of September in Dallas and will face Brazilian Junior dos Santos. Its official Cro Cop has signed a three fight deal with the UFC.

"I am pleased to return to the UFC, the only global MMA organization. Unfortunately, all the other organizations are lagging behind the UFC at the moment. Japanese Dream cannot compete with Americans financially nor with quality of their fighters either."

"UFC has become what Pride once was, and has even surpassed it. I will always be grateful to the Japanese, because its there that I made my name in this sport. However, the Dream offer for me was not a challenge."

"I'm sorry that the UFC and Dream had a battle for me. Certain people even called me a fraudster and I even read a remark by Dana White where he alleged that I called him 600 times - Mirko explains and adds:
I called him exactly - zero times. I sent him one SMS and that's all. I wouldn’t call anyone 600 times even if my life dependent on it. I do not want to be portrayed in such a light - said Mirko.

White made a mistake that had to be corrected by Lorenzo Fertitta during his stay in Croatia.

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