Live UFC 94 Results and Coverage

UFC 94 is now only hours away. Get ready for our non stop coverage of this once in a life time UFC main event. Its the explosive Georges George "Rush" St. Pierre taking on "The Prodigy" B.J Penn, one of the most talented men in the sport today. This fight will go down in MMA history and will be this sports equivalent of Mayweather vs. De La Hoya. You wont want to be the one to miss this PPV as it will be talked about for years even decades to come. Then there’s the spectacular co-main event featuring rising light heavyweights stars Lyoto Machida vs. Thiago Silva, another must watch battle. All the action is less than two hours away. We'll bring you all of the live fight results shortly.

UFC 94 Time

Once again I’ve been inundated with emails asking if I know when UFC 94 will start for their particular country, city or town. Below is short list of counties and places where the UFC is most popular alongside the telecast times for each country. Luckily for you Australians, the UFC returns to North America. For the next couple of UFC events you wont have to wake up at 6am to watch the card live. However for UK viewers the UFC returns to its usual Sunday morning time slot. Let me know where you’ll watch UFC 94 from the comments section.
  • US: Broadcast begins 7:00pm EST (Contact your local provider for details)
  • UK: Broadcast begins on 3am Setanta Sports.
  • Ireland: Same as above (UK)
  • Australia: Live Sunday, 2pm AEDT, on Main Event (Available on Austar, Foxtel and Optus)
  • Japan: On WOWOW channel, time not available.
  • South Korea: N/A (More information required)

Margarito vs. Mosley Predictions

The question on every fight fans mind this Saturday will be which of these two main events they will watch. Will it be the sweet science of boxing featuring Margarito vs. Mosley or will be the growing phenomenon of MMA and second Affliction card “Day of Reckoning“ featuring Fedor and Arlovski?

My verdict is clear. While it may close, I still recommend going with Margarito vs. Mosley over Affliction. My reasoning is simple, Margarito is on the verge of super stardom. I want to see him reach the next level in main stream consciousness. A knockout victory tonight should propel him to the next level.

Fedor is an absolute fighting machine. Andrei Arlovski is more than solid. His stand-up has improved tremendously over past year or so however I cant see him troubling Emelianenko for more than one or two rounds. The Belorussian's ground game has never been tested, rarely has been on his back. Outside a spectacular submission victory over Tim Syliva several years ago he has hot demonstrated great ground work.

Make sure to catch all of our boxing coverage this weekend including our opinion piece on weather you should watch Margarito vs. Shane Mosley or Fedor vs. Arlovski. Head over to this page to find the start time of the fights. Don’t forget the check out the live play by play and round by round coverage on this post.

Fedor vs. Arlovski Video

Fedor is taking on yet another UFC champion. This time it’s a fellow sambo specialist Andrei Arlovski. These two MMA giants will battle it out for the for the World Alliance of Mixed Martial Arts (WMMA) Heavyweight Championship. Arlovski has had a career rival of sorts since his unexpected UFC departure. He has knocked out both Ben Rothwell and Roy Nelson on his way to a title shot with the worlds best heavyweight. While he hasn’t looked overly impressive, he shown signs of improved form, striking and conditioning. He looks to be approaching top form and he’ll need to be if he hopes challenge the dominance of Emelianenko.

Fedor on other hand is coming of one of the most important victories in years. His status as the best heavyweight in the world was in question for over a year. Many including UFC Dana White had dismissed the former Pride star as nothing more than a paper champion. Fedor’s answers to the critics couldn’t be more emphatic. He submitted former champion and long time UFC heavyweight contender Tim Sylvia in less than a minute.

Fedor’s stand-up abilities have gained a lot of respect from the MMA community. However given Arlovski’s size and strength advantage I give the stand up advantage to the Belorussian. Fedor will have to take this fight to the ground. We really haven’t seen Arlovski’s sprawl but he does look quick. We also haven’t seen a lot of his ground game. I suspect if Fedor is able to take “The Pit bull” to the ground it wont be much longer before he submits him.

The winner of this bout will be considered the words top ranked heavyweight. It all happens tomorrow, January 24, 2009 in Anaheim, California at the Honda Center. The action starts at 9PM EST. Below are the latest preview videos of this epic encounter, courtesy of Affliction Entertainment.

Margarito Mosley Time - Broadcast and Live Event

I’ll received a handful of emails asking what time Margarito and Mosley will start their historical bout this Saturday. Of course that all depends on your location and PPV provider. Here a quick list from the most popular providers across the globe. Note that I’ve also included replay times as well. Please email me your location and time if you can contribute.

US: Fight Card starts at 7 p.m. PT / 10 p.m. ET
Canada: Same as above (US)
Australia: 6:30pm & 10:30pm AEDT on Mainevent/Foxtel - Replays 6:30pm & 10:30pm AEDT 66:30pm & 10:30pm AEDT:30pm & 10:30pm AEDT
UK: On Setanta live at 3.00 AM, replay on Sunday, 8pm
Mexico: More information required
Philippines: More information required

To say that is will be the fight of 2009 is not a stretch in the least. With Floyd Mayweather, Jr. out of action, Kelly Pavlik working his way back to the top and Oscar De Lay Hoya out of the picture it really does look like one of the top match-ups on the horizon this year. Should Margarito prevail he’ll leapfrog almost all of the aforementioned names. He’ll become the “It” fighter of 2009. He’ll go from a respected boxer to world wide sports star.

Margarito vs. Shane Mosley results and coverage

There will be less than a handful of boxing events this big in 2009. Trust me when I say, you wont want to miss Antonio Margarito vs. Shane Mosley. Their styles match-up perfectly. Their strengths and weakness will all be on display throughout. Margarito’s aggression cant be tamed, its either hit or be it with him. Only aggression will stop him. And who better than Sugar Shane Mosley to do the job. A master full boxer, a living legend. Time and time again when faced with the words best he has risen to the challenge. He’s a man that needs to challenged. Like Bernard Hopkins he’s best when his back is to the wall. Rarely does he disappoint on big occasions . Rarely does he give in to big names or challenges.

Despite the Vegas odds, I can see this bout going the distance. I can see Mosley outworking Margarito in the latter rounds. Don’t forget Cotto had the better of the Mexican for most that fight. I don’t know if it was a brain freeze, a lack of discipline or a tactic mistake that led Cotto to throughout away that decision victory. However I do know that if he had stuck to his game plan for those last three rounds he would have been victories. He would have been talking about Cotto vs Mayweather or Cotto vs. Mosley 2 instead its Margarito. The conventional wisdom is the he is the next big thing but I’m not sold.

Check back later for the full Margarito vs. Mosley results.

Watch Antonio Margarito vs. Shane Mosley

Its one of the most anticipated boxing showdowns of 2009. Mosley vs. Margarito will go down this Saturday, live from the historic Staples Center in Los Angeles. It will be a difficult pick for fight fans as we’re forced to choose between two epic cards this Saturday. On the one hand we have Affliction 2: Day Of Reckoning with Fedor taking on number one heavyweight contender Andrei Arlovski and on the other there the always entertaining Shane Mosley taking on the exciting Antonio “Tijuana Tornado” Margarito. Which of these main events would will you choose to watch?

In reality I’ll just Tivo one event and watch the other live, but its an interesting question for a mad boxing fan who has fallen in love with MMA over the past four years. Which one is the more important, which is the more exiting and which will draw the bigger audience? The last question looks like the easiest to answer. The boxing event will undoubtedly draw the bigger PPV figure. Mosley and Margarito have established reputations in the US while Fedor, Arlovski and Affliction in particular are still battling for respectability and legitimacy. They’re widely known among hardcore fans however they’re still battling for the main stream audience. Which fight is the more important or significant? That’s a much harder question to answer as it is much more subjective. Fedor is widely considered the best heavyweight fighter in MMA. A large percentage of fans and pundits consider him to be the best pound for pound fighter in the world also. He truly is one of the livening legends of MMA and combat sports. A showdown with Arlovski while important is still looks relatively one sided. The odds say it all, at -350 the betting public clearly favour the Russian. The same can be said for Mosley vs. Margarito however. Margarito is the heavy favourite and should come out ahead if the lines makes are to be trusted.

Which one will be more exiting is the hardest question of the three. Fedor has produced several of MMA most exiting moments and fights. He’ll go down as of the most electrifying fighters in the sports history. Rarely has he been involved in boring fights. Arlovski on the other hand has had a few disappointing showings. Margarito’s style is one of the most exciting in boxing while Mosley has been involved in some historic wars. Sugar however appears to be on the decline. Its unclear if he can keep up the Mexicans pace or ferocity.

Affliction: Day of Reckoning Results and Coverage

Afflictions second show is finally here, we’ll bring you the full Day of Reckoning results and play by play. Despite claims to the contrary ticket sales for this event appear to be going strong and are parallel to that of their first show. Here is the fight card as it stands three days out from the event. Affliction 2 looks like one of the best cards of 2009.

Main event

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Andrei Arlovski

Main card

Josh Barnett vs. Gilbert Yvel
Matt Lindland vs. Vitor Belfort
Renato Sobral vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou
Chris Horodecki vs. Dan Lauzon
Paul Buentello vs. Kiril Sidelnikov

Preliminary card

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs. Vladimir Matyushenko
Jay Hieron vs. Jason High
Mark Hominick vs. LC Davis
Albert Rios vs. Antonio Duarte
Brett Cooper vs. Patrick Speight

Fedor the best heavyweight in the world

When Randy Couture faced Brock Lesnar at UFC 91, it was billed as the biggest match-up in MMA history. Some claimed that the winner would become the number one heavyweight in the world. A lot of the time in a big match up like this the losers often consoles himself by claiming that his opponent is the best in the world. I’m glad Randy Couture didn’t make any of those kinds of statements and "kept it real" in this post fight interview. When asked about a match between Lesnar and Fedor he replied:

Randy: "I think Fedor would tear Brock up"

Its pretty clear that Fedor Emelianenko is the words best heavyweight. There are no more than two or three contenders for his number one position. Andrei Arlovski is one of those men. On Saturday the world will crown the best heavyweight in the world.

Check out the latest Affliction: Day Of Reckoning odds on this page.

Affliction 2 Odds: Day of Reckoning Betting Analysis

Odds for Affliction 2: Day of Reckoning have finally been released by all the major sportsbooks. Betting lines for the main event, Fedor vs. Arlovski, have been out for almost two months but lines for majority of the main card and under card were only released 24 hours ago.

Fedor remains the big favorite going into his bout with former UFC champion Andrei "The Pit Bull" Arlovski. The next man poised to take on the Russian, Josh Barnett is also a comfortable favorite to get past unpredictable Dutchmen Gilbert Yvel. Other favorites on the main card include former UFC heavyweight contender Paul “The Head-hunter” Buentello, lightweight prodigy Chris "The Polish Hammer" Horodecki and highly ranked middleweight Matt “The Law” Lindland. For a non UFC card this event is pretty stacked. The main event alone is worth the price of admission, both Fedor and Arlovski appear to be at their peak. Their battle could very well turn out to be one of those epic heavyweight match-ups Fedor has been involved in over the years. I don’t think there is a single man in MMA that has produced more high light reel moments than Emelianenko.

I’ve listed the full Affliction 2 odds below. I'll have more Affliction 2 coverage later this week.

Affliction 2 Betting Odds

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Andrei Arlovski
Josh Barnett vs. Gilbert Yvel
  • Barnett -575 vs. Yvel +460
Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs. Vladimir Matyushenko
  • Nogueira (-110) vs. Matyushenko (-120)
Renato Sobral vs. Thierry Sokoudjou
  • Sokoudjou +130 vs. Sobral -160
Vitor Belfort vs. Matt Lindland
  • Lindland -175 vs. Belfort +155
Kiril Sidellnikov vs. Paul Buentello
  • Sidelnikov +160 vs. Buentello -200
Chris Horodecki vs. Dan Lauzon
  • Horodecki -220 vs. Lauzon +180
Albert Rios vs. Antonio Duarte
  • Rios +195 vs. Duarte -245
Brett Cooper vs. Patrick Speight
  • Cooper -200 vs. Speight +160
Jay Hieron vs. Jason High
  • High +215 vs. Hieron -275
Bao Quach vs. LC Davis
  • Quach +160 vs. LC Davis -200

UFC 94 Odds: Full Betting Lines Analysis

UFC 94 is almost here. Betting lines for the much anticipated main event and co main event have been available for over a month now.

I’m certain that UFC 94 will turn out be the most bet on MMA event in history. According to one offshore representative I’ve contacted, the early betting action on St Pierre vs Penn 2 is streets ahead of Couture vs Lesnar. The betting handle for UFC 94 is projected to surpass that of every other MMA card with ease.

While the two main events may be comparable, UFC 94 is much deeper in talent than UFC 91 was. The co main event is an intriguing match-up between unbeaten light heavyweights Thiago Silva and Lyoto Machida. Then there’s the return of Karo “The Heat” Parisian, Jon Fitch and Stephan Bonnar. Rounding out the main card will be an exciting lightweight bout between two of MMA’s more exciting characters, Nate Diaz and Clay Guida. Heck even the under card has some star power.

Here are the latest available UFC 94 odds from the official website, my recommend destination for UFC and MMA betting.

UFC 94 Betting Odds

Georges St-Pierre vs. B.J. Penn
  • St-Pierre (-165) vs. Penn (+135)
Lyoto Machida vs. Thiago Silva
  • Machida (-325) vs. Silva (+250)
Stephan Bonnar vs. Jon Jones
  • Bonnar (-170) vs Jones (+140)
Karo Parisyan vs. Dong Hyun Kim
  • Parisyan (-295) vs. Hyun Kim (+235)
Nate Diaz vs. Clay Guida
  • Diaz (-130) vs Guida (+100)
Preliminary Card

Jon Fitch vs. Akihiro Gono
  • Fitch (-500) vs. Gono (+300)
Thiago Tavares vs. Manvel Gamburyan
  • Tavares (-135) vs Gamburyan (+105)
John Howard vs. Chris Wilson
  • Howard (+275) vs Wilson (-350)
Jake O'Brien vs. Christian Wellisch
  • O'Brien (-240) vs. Wellisch (+190)
Matt Arroyo vs. Dan Cramer
  • Arroyo (-200) vs Cramer (+160)
At the current odds I like St-Pierre, Diaz and Bonnar as my best bets. I’ll have further UFC 94 betting analysis closer to the event.

Don’t forget to sign up with Sportsbook to bet on this tremendous card. Receive an instant 10% sign up bonus with your first deposit. Our Canadian friends are also welcome, Sportsbook does accept customers from Canada too.

Sports Betting at

UFC 94 Fight Card: St Pierre vs Penn 2

The UFC heads back to its unofficial home, Las Vegas, Nevada after a lackluster card in Ireland. Fortunately for fight fans UFC 94 makes up for the snooze fest that was UFC 93. Its bound to be one of the most entertaining fight cards yet.

We’ve been treated to some of the best cards in MMA history in recent months and things only get better this week. There is no doubt in my mind that UFC 94: St Pierre vs. Penn is the UFC’s biggest and best main event to date. It will go down as one of the most important MMA cards in history. Never before have we had two UFC champions putting it all on the line. On top of that we have the showdown between two rising stars Lyoto Machida and Thiago Silva. This much anticipated match-up could have headlined a card on its own. Also featured on the card is the long awaited return of UFC veterans Karo Parisyan and Stephan Bonner. Rounding out the main card is the exiting match up between The Ultimate Fighter 5 winner Nate Diaz and the always entertaining Clay Guida. The under card looks surprisingly entertaining too.

When it comes to UFC main events it really doesn’t get much bigger than this. St Pierre vs Penn 2 will go down in history as one of those must watch fights that will be analyzed for years to come like Sakuraba vs. Royce Gracie, Fedor vs. Cro Cop or Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson vs. Chuck ‘The Iceman’ Liddell. If you can only catch one UFC event this year, make this the one.

UFC 94 Card

Date: January 31, 2009
Location: MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
Time: 10PM ET/ 7PM ET

Main Card

* Georges St-Pierre vs. B.J. Penn
* Lyoto Machida vs. Flag of Brazil Thiago Silva
* Stephan Bonnar vs. Jon Jones
* Karo Parisyan vs. Dong Hyun Kim
* Nate Diaz vs. Clay Guida

Preliminary Card

* Jon Fitch vs. Akihiro Gono
* Thiago Tavares vs. Manvel Gamburyan
* John Howard vs. Chris Wilson
* Jake O'Brien vs. Christian Wellisch
* Matt Arroyo vs. Dan Cramer

UFC 94 Betting Odds

B.J. Penn +150
Georges St-Pierre -170

Lyoto Machida -270
Thiago Silva +230

Jon Jones +145
Stephan Bonnar -165

Full UFC 94 betting odds will be listed on this post.

UFC 94 Fight Card Facts
  • The main event at UFC 94 will be the fist fight between two current UFC champions in UFC history. However title holders under the Zuffa umbrella have fought on previous occasions (eg. Dan Handeson, Pride, vs Rampage Jackson, UFC.)
  • 5 fighters on the UFC 94 fight card have perfect records. They are Dan Cramer, Dong Hyun Kim, Jon Jones, Thiago Silva and Lyoto Machida.
  • UFC 94 is expected to be the most be on MMA card in history.

UFC 93 Quick Recap

There were a lot of close, up and down fights on UFC 93. For the most part however it was a below average card. The were no real stand out matches or performances. Other than Alan Belcher's win over Denis Kang there were no real surprises either. The big story of the night was another disappointing performance by Shogun Rua. Everyone expected him to simply destroy Coleman. He struggled to finish off the veteran and in the process gassed in the second round. It was a sloppy performance however he emerged victories via TKO in the third. After the event it was announced that Liddell and Shogun would square of at UFC 97 in Montreal, Canada. That still looks like a intriguing match-up for me despite neither fighter being at their peak.

Full UFC 93 Fight Results

Main Card
  • Dan Henderson over Rich Franklin in a split decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28)* Another blemish for UFC judges.
  • Mauricio "Shogun" Rua over Mark Coleman via TKO (strikes) in the 3rd Round, 4:36. Shogun underperformed once again.
  • Rousimar Palhares over Jeremy Horn via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) A dominant performance by Palhares.
  • Alan Belcher over Denis Kang via a guillotine choke in the 2nd Round 2. Dens Kang chokes in his UFC debut after dominating the first round.
  • Marcus Davis over Chris Lytle in split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28). An entertaining fight that deservedly earned fight of the night honours.
Preliminary Card
  • John Hathway over Tom Egan via a TKO (strikes) in the 1st Round 1, 4:36
  • Martin Kampmann over Alexandre Barros via a TKO in the 2nd round, 3:09
  • Eric Schafer over Antonio Mendes via a TKO (punches) in the 1st Round, 3:35
  • Thomasz Drwal over Ivan Serati via a TKO in the 1st Round, 2:02
  • Dennis Siver over Nate Mohr via a TKO in the 3rd Round, 3:47

Golden Glory at UFC 93

Alistair Overeem, Semmy Schilt and Bas Boon all made it to Ireland for UFC 93. Here are some pics of the Golden Glory team posing with Dana White and fans.

Dana White with Overeem.

Semmy Schilt and Alistair Overeem at UFC 93.

Bas Boon and Dana White.

Quote of the Day: Bas Boon

Bas Boon head of Golden Glory gym on why Alistair Overeem accepted a K1 fight with Badr Hari.
“We never really considered accepting the challenge if it was not for Badr Hari's actions during the final of the k-1 WGP, where he started to apply "pussy" techniques on downed opponent Remy Bonjasky.”

UFC 93 Predictions: Franklin vs. Henderson

The first UFC of 2009 is only 24 hours away, what better time to bring you my UFC 93 picks. The entire card looks very competitive. Outside two or three fights on the main card there are no clear favorites. There aren’t many slam dunk selections. The under card especially looks very difficult to predict. There are a number of fighters coming off of injuries and a lot new talent is also featured. All MMA betting lines from our good friends at

Rich Franklin vs. Dan Henderson

This looks like a very entertaining fight. The odds are much closer than I would have they would end up. Henderson remains slight betting favorite, the line has hardly moved since it opened over a month ago. Going 1-2 in his last three appears to have dented his reputation with the odds makers and public. However I cant say the same thing for other fighters. On Sherdog’s “The Pro’s Pick Franklin vs. Henderson“, only 3 out of 18 fighters went with the former UFC middleweight champion. The legendary Randy Couture, a former training partner of Henderson’s, picked the veteran Pride fighter while Jamie Fletcher made a convincing argument for Franklin.
Randy Couture: Henderson should win, but that’s a tough fight!

Jaime Fletcher: I think this is a good match up. Hendo’s wrestling is sick and he’s got iron in his chin and fists. However, I think Franklin is a bit more well versed all around. Look for Hendo to try and dominate with his Greco ground control and turn it into a brawl standing and for Franklin to get the better of the standing exchanges and scrambles. Rich by some type of finish in the third round. I love both of these guys, though!

I agree with Fletcher that Franklin may well have the advantage on his feet. However I don’t think he’ll have enough of advantage their to prevent Henderson from tying him up in the clinch and control the fight from there. Franklin is a solid striker in the middleweight division however I cant see him flourishing at the bigger weight. His reach advantage is gone and he’ll have to rely on his technical abilities either dominate or knock out Henderson. I cant see it happening, Henderson has faced better and bigger strikers throughout his career who all failed to put him away. Pick: Henderson at -140.

Mauricio Rua vs. Mark Coleman

These two former Pride champions make their long awaited comebacks at UFC 93. Its Shoguns time for remediation. After a embarrassing performance against Forrest Griffin he really needs to show the world what he is made off. If he is injury free I cant see him failing. He is leagues head of Coleman in every aspect of the game. I see him punishing “The Hammer” with heavy leg kicks throughout the first round and finishing him of via knock or TKO in the second. Pick: Shogun Rua at -365.

Denis Kang vs. Alan Belcher

Denis Kang is another big name in Korea and Japan trying to make it big in the US. Kang has the all weapons and experience necessary make a major impact on the UFC middleweight division in no time at all. He has wins over some of the best middleweights in the world and trains with the likes of GSP and Rashad Evans. Having said that he seems to have reached a plateau in his career over the last year and half or so. He has had a lacklustre 2008 and looked to be on the decline for most of the year. Having said that he is the deserving +300 plus favourite, I cant see an upset here.

Palhares vs. Jeremy Horn

Both guys are superb on the ground and are coming of important loses. Their striking is severely lacking. Palhares looked somewhat impressive against Henderson. He didn’t get destroyed and managed to go the distance. Horn on the other hand has looked absolutely terrible in his last few outings. Palhares has the advantage in every aspect of the game, he should make light work of Horn. Pick: Palhares in via TKO in the second round.

Marcus Davis vs. Chris Lytle

As the odds indicate this one could go either way. Two solid stickers who put on a entertaining show every time they enter the octagon. Both men are well rounded, they are not one dimensional by any means. Having said that I cant see either guy going for the take down. Davis is an excellent boxer, I give him the slight edge on his feet however Lytle has great conditioning, is extremely durable and has the experience to edge out a decision. Pick: Lytle in a close decision.

Read my UFC 93 betting odds post right here and check out our live play by play on this page. Let me know who you like on this card in the comments section below.

Fedor vs. Arlovski Preview

This is one of the most anticipated heavyweight showdowns in MMA history. Fedor vs Arlovski is only a week away, here is the preview from Showtime.

UFC 93 Odds Update: Full Lines Released

Betting lines have finally been released for UFC 93. Only hours ago the odds makers over at Sportsbook posted their lines for the UFC 93 under card while lines for co main card had been listed for some time. In the first co-main event former Pride stars and Pride grand prix winners Mauricio Shogun Rua and Mark “The Hammer” Coleman meet for the second time in two years. Their previous bout came to an abrupt end after Shogun broke his arm only seconds into the fight. As he was last time Shogun comes in as the commanding favorite. Coleman will have overcome the odds once again should he prevail on Saturday. The odds makers have him at a massive +285.

In the main event Rich Frankin and Dan Henderson battle it out for a spot on The Ultimate Fighter: U.S.A. vs. U.K. This is almost a pic-em fight, the lines makes give Henderson the slight edge at -125 with Franklin close behind at around +100. Current odds as they stand at the time of posting are listed below. Visit the official website for more lines.

UFC 93 Betting odds
Current as of Thursday, January 15th.

Rich Franklin vs. Dan Henderson

* Franklin (+110) vs. Henderson (-140)

Mauricio Rua vs. Mark Coleman

* Rua (-365) vs. Coleman (+285)

Alan Belcher vs. Denis Kang

* Belcher (+275) vs. Kang (-350)

Jeremy Horn vs. Rousimar Palhares

* Horn (+280) vs. Palhares (-340)

Marcus Davis vs. Chris Lytle

* Davis (-135) vs. Lytle (+105)

Martin Kampmann vs. Alexandre Barros

* Kampmann (-425) vs. Barros (+345)

Eric Schafer vs. Antonio Mendes

* Schafer (-125) vs. Mendes (-105)

Tomasz Drwal vs. Ivan Serati

* Drwal vs. Serati

Tom Egan vs. John Hathaway

* Egan (+160) vs. Hathaway (-200)

Dennis Siver vs. Nate Mohr

* Siver vs. Mohr

We'll have more UFC 93 coverage to follow later this week.

UFC 93 Start Time - Broadcast and Live Event

I see several of you are emailing me about the UFC 93 start time. If you plan to watch the card live, the broadcast starts 3pm ET/ 12pm PT / 8pm GMT. The event is than replayed in prime time at 10pm ET / 7pm PT for US viewers. For viewers in the UK and Ireland the broadcast starts at 8pm. Its going to be tough morning for you Australians. The PPV starts at 7am for you but it will be replayed throughout the day on Mainevent.

I don’t as of yet have info for Japan or South Korea. Please email me if you know more.

UFC 93 Fight Card Information and Preview

The first UFC card of the year has a definite Pride FC theme to it. Three of the four co-main event stars were Pride FC fights and Pride champions at some stage of their MMA careers.

Fight Card for UFC 93

Rich Franklin vs. Dan Henderson
Mark Coleman vs. Mauricio Rua
Alan Belcher vs. Denis Kang
Jeremy Horn vs. Rousimar Palhares
Marcus Davis vs. Chris Lytle

Preliminary card (Not guaranteed to be televised)

Martin Kampmann vs. Alexandre Barros
Eric Schafer vs. Antonio Mendes
Tomasz Drwal vs. Ivan Serati
Nate Mohr vs. Dennis Siver
Thomas Egan vs. John Hathaway

It was only two years ago that Dan Henderson became the first man two hold both the Pride middleweight (the UFC equivalent of the light heavyweight title) and welterweight (the UFC equivalent of the middleweight title) at the same time. It was thought that he would become one of the mega stars of the UFC once the two companies merged. He was thrown to the wolfs straight away with a unification bout against the then UFC champion Quinton Rampage Jackson. A 5 round war ended in a close decision favouring the then UFC champion Jackson. Henderson was then forced to depend his Pride belt against one of the best fighters in the world Anderson Silva. The started of well however capitulated in the second round, a rear naked choke ended his run as the man a top the middleweight division.

Shogun Rua was perhaps the UFC’s most important acquisition in 2007. His exciting style and impressive record made him the then number one ranked light heavyweight fighter in the world. His first fight in the UFC was supposed to be nothing more than a warm up. He was the overwhelming favorite to get past Forrest Griffin. Rua was coming of an impressive victory over Alistair Overeem at Pride 32 while Griffin had just struggled to get past Hector Ramirez at UFC 72. Little did we know that Shogun had suffered a torn ACL in repartition for the bout. Predictably his performance was underwhelming. Even if it was a close fight we simply never got to see the real Shogun. His bad luck didn’t end their. When the UFC booked a comeback fight against Chuck Liddell he had a reoccurrence of the same injury. Shogun was out for another 6 months. Finally the Pride middleweight champion makes his comeback against long time foe Mark “The Hammer” Colemen.

To casual fans the name Mark Coleman may not be as significant as Randy Couture however to hardcore MMA fans “The Hammer” is one of the absolute legends of the sport. There are only a handful of MMA fighters that have achieved as much as he has achieved. Not only was a UFC tournament champion, he was also the first man to win the Pride OWGP in 2000. And yet at 44 years of age he still remains relevant in the fight game. He takes on the very dangerous Shogun Rua who is looking to revenge his loss to “The Hammer” in 2006. Not matter what happens this battle is bound to be entertaining. Fans around the world simply cant wait for these two warriors two make their comeback to the big leagues.

Its going to be a phenomenal fight card. I urge you to tune in, read our play by play and check out the live UFC 93 results right here.

MMA Quick Hit

With UFC 93 less than a week away I taught it would be appropriate to update you with the latest betting lines for the event.

Main card odds are are out for UFC 93 and have been available for weeks. Lines for the under card have also just been released. All the major bookmakers including our favorites BetUS and Sportsbook have betting lines up for the majority of the main card.

The main event looks extremely competitive. The odds makers have installed Dan Handerson as the slight favorite. However the majority of the betting action has far been on underdogs Rich Frankin and Chris Lytle. Here are the latest available odds as they stand at the time of posting:

UFC 93 Betting Lines

Main Event: Rich Franklin vs Dan Henderson

Rich Franklin -125
Dan Henderson +100

Co Main Event: Mark Coleman vs Mauricio Rua

Mark Coleman +288
Mauricio Rua -365

Main Card: Alan Belcher vs. Denis Kang

Alan Belcher +275
Denis Kang -300

Main Card: Marcus Davis vs. Chris Lytle

Marcus Davis -115
Chris Lytle -105

All lines thanks to BetUS one of my favorite UFC betting destinations. And with the super bowl around the corner they’re slowly but surely becoming one of my favorite sports betting destinations in general. As you can see the main event is extremely close. However the co-main event featuring Shogun Rua and Mark Coleman is far more one sided. Rua is the big favorite going into his comeback fight while Coleman will have to battle the odds to make a successful UFC return.

International MMA star Denis Kang makes his UFC debut again Alan Belcher. Kang who has made name in Japan the clear favorite and could enter title contention in no time.

It’s a pick-em fight between Marcus Davis and long time welterweight contender Chris Lytle. Both men are available at around the -110 mark. This should really be a slug fest however either man could go for the take down and turn into a ground battle.

UFC 93 Live Results and Play by Play

Thanks to the growing popularity of this blog (but mostly to sheer good luck) we’ll be covering UFC 93 live from Ireland. We’ll have a friend inside the O2 Arena in Dublin, Ireland watching all the action and writing play by play for the entire fight card.

Here is a reminder of what you can look forward to on the 17th.
Main Card

Main Event: Rich Franklin vs. Dan Henderson
Co Main Event: Mark Coleman vs. Mauricio Rua
Alan Belcher vs. Denis Kang
Marcus Davis vs. Chris Lytle
Jeremy Horn vs. Rousimar Palhares

Preliminary Card

Martin Kampmann vs. Alexandre Barros
Tomasz Drwal vs. Ivan Serati
Thomas Egan vs John Hathaway
Nate Mohr vs. Dennis Siver
So join us on Saturday the 17th of January for UFC 93 live from Dublin. Our coverage starts 3PM EST.

Hottest MMA Wives and Girlfriends

While I’m in the list making mood here is my top five list of the hottest MMA wives and girlfriends. As you can imagine with some MMA guys earning close to minimum wage it wasn’t easy finding that many fighters with hot girls. This is the best I could do with what I was given.

Rena Mero Lesnar AKA Sable

Brock Lesnar’s wife Rena Mero Lesnar has half a dozen different aliases but we’ll go with Sable. Professional wrestling fans know her from being one of the early WWE Divas. She started dating Lesnar shortly after she quit the WWE in 2004. The two were touring the Japanese wrestling circuit when they hit it off. They are now married and according to her Wiki page expect their first child in mid 2009.

Jenna Jameson

I’m pretty sure all the readers of this blog will be familiar with the work of Jenna Jameson. She’s is going out with former UFC star and MMA free agent Tito Ortiz. Jenna is pregnant with twins and is no longer “modeling“.

Shogun Rua’s Girl

This is Shogun Rua’s girlfriend. All I could find are a couple of screen shots. I don’t know what her name is nor do I care. All I know is that she is damn hot.

Alistair Overeem’s Girlfriend

Another girl I no nothing about. This a screen shot of them posing after Overeem’s knockout victory of Badr Hari at Fields Dynamite 2008. I’m sure he had her in his guillotine chock many times.

Fedor’s Wife

What else could expect. Of course the baddest man on the planet was bound to have a gorgeous wife.

2008 MMA Fighter Of The Year

With the last major MMA event complete for 2008 its time to pick the fighter of the year. I've listed the winner at the very end as well as my pick for knockout, submission and upset of 2008.

Note: This isn't a pound for pound list. Its a subjective analysis of the most impressive performances of 2008 taking in account a fighters winning percentage, competition, number of fights and type of victory. Here is my top ten in no particular order.

BJ Penn (2-0) UFC

Wins UFC light heavyweight belt in impressive fashion and defends it against number one contender Shean Sherk in a three round domination.

Rashad Evans (2-0) UFC

The TUF 2 winner shocks the MMA word with a high light reel knockout over Chuck Liddell and wins UFC lightweight belt against Forests Griffin at UFC 92.

Anderson Silva (3-0) UFC

"The Spider" started the year with the most important victory of his career. He then moved up to light heavyweight division and destroyed James Irvin. His year ended with a lackluster title defense against Patrick Cote.

Thiago Alves (3-0) UFC

The Brazilian stopped the once unstoppable Karo Parisyan in April, destroyed Matt Hughes in England and dominated Josh Koscheck in October.

Georges St. Pierre (2-0) UFC

Becomes undisputed UFC Welterweight Champion with an easy TKO victory over Matt Serra and defends his title for the first time with a five round domination over number one contender Jon Fitch. Late this year it was announced that BJ Penn had challenged GSP to a rematch in 2009. The mega fight will headline UFC 94 in Las Vegas. GSP enters the bout as a commanding favorite over Penn.

Gegard Mousasi (6-0) Dream/M1

An incredible 6 victories without defeat. Mousasi started year with quick TKO victory over impressive striker Evangelista Cyborg and knocked out Steve Mensing a month later. At only 22 years of age the Dutchmen entered a very competitive Dream middleweight GP and submitted the highly ranked Denis Kang in the first round. He followed it up with domination over veteran Dong Sik Yoon in the quarter finals and soon became the tournament favorite. He easily accounted for Melvin Manhoef with an amazing triangle choke and KO's BJJ sensation Ronaldo Souza with vicious up kick all in the same night.

Alistair Overeem (3-0-1) Dream/FEG/Golden Glory/Strikeforce

An incredible comeback year for the Golden Glory fighter. To top it all of Overeem accepts a K1 rules match with the worlds most feared striker and knocks him out in the first round. Watch the Badr Hari vs. Overeem fight here.

Eddie Alvarez (4-1) Dream/FEG

Part of some of the most exciting MMA action of 2008. Decisions highly ranked light weight Joachim Hansen in a spectacular battle and follows it up with a TKO victory over Tatsuya Kawajiri in an exciting Dream lightweight GP semi final. Injury prevents the 24 year old from participating in the final. A submission loss to Shinya Aoki his only blemish for the year.

Miguel Torres (3-0) WEC

Stared 2008 with by capturing WEC Bantamweight championship with an easy victory over Chase Beebe. He followed it up with a entertaining win over Yoshiro Maeda and ended the year with a TKO victory over Manny Tapia.

Kenny Florian (3-0) UFC

TKO's young gun Joe Lauzon and decisions rising star Roger Huerta. Ends 2009 with an impressive first round win over TUF winner Joe Stevenson.


Gegard Mousasi: An easy decision in the end. There have not been many fighters this young this good. He is on track to become one of the worlds best pound for pound fighters in the next two years.

Runner Up

Thiago Alves

Other Awards

Best Submission of 2008

Dustin Hazelett (arm bar) over Josh Burkman at The Ultimate Fighter 7 finale.

Best Knockout of 2008

Rashad Evans (overhand right) over Chuck Liddell UFC 73.

Biggest Upset of 2008

Sergey Golyaev (+751) over Takanori Gomi Sengoku 6.

Alistair Overeem is huge

Alistair Overeem looked absolutely gigantic at Fields Dynamite. In the past 6-8 months in particular he bulked up to enormous levels. Last night he weight in at 115.2kg or 253.4 lb. Check out this pick a friend sent me. The guy looks huge in comparison to Badr Hari.