Margarito vs. Shane Mosley results and coverage

There will be less than a handful of boxing events this big in 2009. Trust me when I say, you wont want to miss Antonio Margarito vs. Shane Mosley. Their styles match-up perfectly. Their strengths and weakness will all be on display throughout. Margarito’s aggression cant be tamed, its either hit or be it with him. Only aggression will stop him. And who better than Sugar Shane Mosley to do the job. A master full boxer, a living legend. Time and time again when faced with the words best he has risen to the challenge. He’s a man that needs to challenged. Like Bernard Hopkins he’s best when his back is to the wall. Rarely does he disappoint on big occasions . Rarely does he give in to big names or challenges.

Despite the Vegas odds, I can see this bout going the distance. I can see Mosley outworking Margarito in the latter rounds. Don’t forget Cotto had the better of the Mexican for most that fight. I don’t know if it was a brain freeze, a lack of discipline or a tactic mistake that led Cotto to throughout away that decision victory. However I do know that if he had stuck to his game plan for those last three rounds he would have been victories. He would have been talking about Cotto vs Mayweather or Cotto vs. Mosley 2 instead its Margarito. The conventional wisdom is the he is the next big thing but I’m not sold.

Check back later for the full Margarito vs. Mosley results.

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