Margarito Mosley Time - Broadcast and Live Event

I’ll received a handful of emails asking what time Margarito and Mosley will start their historical bout this Saturday. Of course that all depends on your location and PPV provider. Here a quick list from the most popular providers across the globe. Note that I’ve also included replay times as well. Please email me your location and time if you can contribute.

US: Fight Card starts at 7 p.m. PT / 10 p.m. ET
Canada: Same as above (US)
Australia: 6:30pm & 10:30pm AEDT on Mainevent/Foxtel - Replays 6:30pm & 10:30pm AEDT 66:30pm & 10:30pm AEDT:30pm & 10:30pm AEDT
UK: On Setanta live at 3.00 AM, replay on Sunday, 8pm
Mexico: More information required
Philippines: More information required

To say that is will be the fight of 2009 is not a stretch in the least. With Floyd Mayweather, Jr. out of action, Kelly Pavlik working his way back to the top and Oscar De Lay Hoya out of the picture it really does look like one of the top match-ups on the horizon this year. Should Margarito prevail he’ll leapfrog almost all of the aforementioned names. He’ll become the “It” fighter of 2009. He’ll go from a respected boxer to world wide sports star.

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