Kimbo Slice vs. Roy Nelson Video: Its on!

Kimbo takes on Nelson - Don't miss it Wed. at 10pm only on SPIKE! The results are in, the outcome is out...

kimbo vs. roy nelson result

Its on baby. This coming Wednesday September 30, Kimbo will return to action and take on former IFL heavyweight champion Roy Nelson in his first match on the Ultimate Fighter. Its a pre-taped show obviously the results is well known as this stage. Email me if you want to know what happened. I dont want to spoil for the rest of you!

Heather Clem Bubbas Wife very hot Twitter pics

Here are come more super hot Heather Clem pictures. All these are thanks to Bubba's twitter page.

And yes its true a former babe on the Bubba show does escort. Because I've seen her listed on this site. Its a fact that 80% of female adult stars escort on the side. Believe me i know from my personal experience.

Mackenzie Phillips Pictures

Mackenzie Phillips on Oprah Incest Claim

This is one crazy story that breaks just about every taboo there is. Mackenzie Phillips talks to Oprah and reveals she had sex with her own father, yes I'm talking incest here folks.

It she stated that she had been raped by her father at the night before her wedding to Jeff Sessler. “On the eve of my wedding, my father showed up, determined to stop it,” writes Phillips, who was 19 and a heavy drug user at the time. “I had tons of pills, and Dad had tons of everything too. Eventually I passed out on Dad’s bed.” Mackenzie said during an interview with PEOPLE magazine.[3] “My father was not a man with boundaries. He was full of love, and he was sick with drugs. I woke up that night from a blackout to find myself having sex with my own father." Phillips continued. “Had this happened before? I didn’t know. All I can say is it was the first time I was aware of it. For a moment I was in my body, in that horrible truth, and then I slid back into a blackout.” [6]She also claimed that their sexual relations became consensual after repeat encounters. [6] “I was a fragment of a person, and my secret isolated me,” she writes. “One night Dad said, ‘We could just run away to a country where no one would look down on us. There are countries where this is an accepted practice. Maybe Fiji.’ She continued saying, “He was completely delusional. No, I thought, we’re going to hell for this.” [6] Phillips says in her memoir, High on Arrival, that she confronted John, who died in March 2001, about their sordid past, saying, "We have to talk about when you raped me." To which John replied, according to his daughter, "You mean when we made love?" [6]

Bubba The Love Sponge; Wife Heather Twitter Pics

These are the sexy (almost nude) twitter pic and pictures of Bubba's wife Heather.

More here.

Mosley Confronts Mayweather Post Fight Video

Mosley challenges Floyd in the post fight interview, it was bout to go down and if you look closely you will see Bernard Hopkins in the video too.

Belfort Knockout vs. Franklin Video

Vitor Belfort scored a quick knockout over former champ Rich Franklin at 3:02 of the first round last night to win this catch weight bout at UFC 103. Fox Sports has all the fight highlights below. <a href="" target="_new" title="Highlights: UFC 103">Video: Highlights: UFC 103</a>

UFC 103 Betting Lines and Vegas Picks

Listen, watch and profit as Cagewriter togehter with Dave Farra analyze the upcoming UFC 103 fight action.

Video embedded below;

Rich Franklin -140 vs. Vitor Belfort +110

Junior Dos Santos -135 vs. Mirko Cro Cop +105

Josh Koscheck -400 vs. Frank Trigg +300

Martin Kampmann -450 vs. Paul Daley +350

Tyson Griffin -280 vs. Hermes Franca +210

Efrain Escudero -160 vs. Cole Miler +130

Tomasz Drwal -115 vs. Drew McFedries -115

UFC 103 Picks and Predictions

UFC 103: Belfort vs. Franklin. September 19, 2009
American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas

Franklin vs. Vitor Belfort

Luke Thomas: Candidly, I just don't know who to pick here. Vitor's blazing, straight punches against Franklin less-than-airtight defense makes me nervous. And while the weight class change has benefited Vitor, the wins over Martin and Lindland don't actually say a great deal. That being said, Franklin's recuperative powers are strong, but the space he had to do that against Wanderlei or Loiseau won't be afforded by Belfort. Coin toss. Here goes nothing. Belfort by KO, round 1.

Kid Nate: In the old days I'd say that this will either go quick and Vitor will win by KTFO or if it lasts more than 90 seconds that Rich will frustrate Belfort and find a way to win. With Vitor seemingly a new and improved fighter -- I'm most impressed by his grinding victory over Terry Martin at Affliction's first show -- this should be a very interesting bout. Franklin's awkward style and reach should give him an advantage in scoring points, but Belfort has the KO power. I'm going to go with my hopes here rather than my thoughts. Belfort by KO.

Brent Brookhouse: I am hoping that Vitor has it in him to pull out the victory, as that would freshen up the title picture greatly. Belfort's boxing and hand speed is always solid and he could KO Rich pretty much at any time. Franklin is a tough fighter who can pick apart his opponent over the course of three rounds. What I did see in the Wanderlei fight though was that Rich still has moments in fights, even those that he is controlling, where he leaves himself open to big shots from his opponent. Where Wanderlei looks for a big shot and has wider strikes, in those moments I think Vitor will throw flurries of hard, fast punches and that's where he wins. Vitor Belfort by KO, round 2.

Michael Rome: Having a hard time making my pick here. Rich has a hard time with lefties, but then again, Belfort is not even in the same universe as the two lefties that massacred Franklin. I think Franklin is actually the better fighter, and would win many more fights against top 10 middleweights than Vitor, but I can't shake the feeling this is ending by KO. I don't buy into this "new Vitor" stuff from Xtreme Couture at all, but I still think he has the power to catch Franklin. I wouldn't be surprised if Rich breaks Vitor down with kicks and wins an easy 30-27, but I'm going to go with Vitor Belfort via KO.

Mike Fagan: So, here I am, publishing a sweet gambling article where I think I'm some clairvoyant sonofagun picking Vitor Belfort over Rich Franklin. Then I open up our predictions document and all the staff so far has picked the Brazilian. So now I look like some two-bit chump. Anyway, long story short, Rich has had problems with lefties with speed who strike well and he leaves his face open after nearly every strike. Belfort's left handed and throws powerful, straight punches. Ruh roh. Vitor Belfort by TKO, round 1.

Chris Nelson: I do believe the fabled (and largely mythical) "Old Vitor" has finally returned. Franklin's probably gonna wish they'd set up that rematch with Hendo instead. Belfort via TKO, round 1.

Eugene Schelfaut: The speedy lefty will give Franklin problems, and those problems come in bunches. I'm not confident Rich will look for the takedown, that is until it is too late. Vitor Belfort via TKO, round 2.

Nick Thomas: I think Belfort has everything right going for him in 2009. His training, his mind set; Belfort is hot right now. As long as Belfort keeps this on the feet.. it's Belfort by TKO.

Leland Roling: Belfort's hand speed is the biggest concern for Franklin in this fight, and while Franklin states that he's fought a lot of speedier punchers -- Lyoto Machida and Anderson Silva both flattened Rich. If Rich can somehow outlast the onslaught early, he might have a chance here... but I'll buy into the Vitor hype coming out of Xtreme Couture. Most notably, an improved gas tank coupled with his ever-improving boxing game should be enough to catch Rich at some point in this fight. Vitor Belfort via KO.

Dos Santos vs. Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic

Luke Thomas: Dos Santos' boxing is slightly overrated. He often over commits for power and off balances himself in the process. But that's not necessarily an error CroCop can take major advantage of. And CroCop can be backed up/tied up/pushed around by big, physical strikers. And his uppercut is just vicious. Dos Santos by TKO, round 2.

Kid Nate: I would love to pick Mirko here as I'd love to see the guy make a real run in the UFC in front of the American fans, but I just don't see it happening. Junior dos Santos seems to be too explosive and dynamic for Cro Cop. Dos Santos by TKO.

Brent Brookhouse: When it comes to Mirko's last fight everyone is SO hung up on the eye poke that it overshadows that he finally looked aggressive and was throwing consistently with power. Dos Santos has good power but he is nowhere near the striker Cro Cop is when he is on. I'm going to take a chance and say that he will be "on" come Saturday night. Mirko Filipovic by TKO, round 2.

Michael Rome: I flirted with picking Mirko, but he's just too slow and too old now to compete with Dos Santos. He's the better striker, but I think he is going to get outpaced badly. I see Mirko actually going flat out, which is something I don't want to happen. Dos Santos via KO, round 2.

Mike Fagan: I'm going to have to go head over heart here. All the evidence (Mirko's decline, dos Santos' size and recent performance) points to a very similar result as the Overeem and Kongo fights. Cro Cop can win if we see vintage Croatian, but I think that's unlikely. Junior dos Santos by decision.

Chris Nelson: I wish this was a tougher call, but Mirko hasn't looked like Mirko in years now and Cigano is one of the top HW prospects around. Cigano via submission, round 1.

Eugene Schelfaut: What is "Cigano" like in the second round? I don't want to find out. Junior Dos Santos via KO, round 1.

Nick Thomas: I can't wait for this fight. It wouldn't surprise me if Dos Santos tries to take this to the ground if things aren't going well standing. But I think Dos Santos can end this on the feet. Dos Santos by TKO.

Leland Roling: I want to pick Mirko "Cro Cop", and there is a part of me that wants to see Mirko prove all the doubters wrong by slapping a LHK upside Dos Santos' head, but will he actually be that Mirko once again? I'm not holding out much hope we'll ever see that Mirko, and Dos Santos has brutal power in the stand-up department. Junior Dos Santos via TKO, Round 2.

Martin Kampmann vs. Paul Daley

Luke Thomas: Kampmann is the overall better fighter and with Daley's submission liabilities, Kampmann should have this locked up. Daley lost to the cautious Thompson but defeated the more open Alessio. I'd say of the two Kampmann is more like Thompson in that regard. He can still get bombed on VERY easily, but this is the Dutchman's fight to lose. Kampmann via decision.

Kid Nate: Kampmann is too well rounded to fall into Daley's one dimensional Muay Thai game. Too bad Mike Swick got hurt. Kampmann by submission.

Michael Rome: I don't think Kampmann's kickboxing is any good, so Daley has the advantage there, but this is the big leagues and his lack of ground game will be his undoing. Martin Kampmann via submission.

Brent Brookhouse: Heading into the Marquardt fight i kept saying that I thought Kampmann's kickboxing was overrated, now seeing what Jake Ellenberger was able to do to Carlos Condit standing (read: more than Martin) I think Daley is the clear favorite on the feet. Two questions remain: 1) can Kampmann get Daley down onto the ground? 2) Is Daley to the point yet where he can survive on the ground? I feel like I've been crazy upset happy with my picks lately but still. Paul Daley by TKO, round 1.

Mike Fagan: I'm sure everyone expects me to take Martin Kampmann, being the resident BE Kampmann nuthugger. Well, you're right. Whatever advantage Daley will have standing is marginal at best, and Kampmann will own once it hits the floor. And unless the Dane stubbornly keeps it standing, it will hit the floor. Also, check out Daley's fight with Nick Thompson to see him get owned on the feet. Martin Kampmann by submission, round 2.

Chris Nelson: I get the impression that Kampmann doesn't view Daley as a credible opponent, or at least as credible as Swick. He may be right, but that kind of thinking gets you Koscheck'd. I like Daley for the upset in a fight that I would otherwise give him very little chance of winning. Daley via TKO, round 1.

Eugene Schelfaut: Nothing has given me assurance that Daley will be able to keep on the floor. I'll gladly join the echo chamber as Martin Kampmann wins via submission, round 1.

Nick Thomas: Kampmann > Swick > Daley. Kampmann by submission.

Leland Roling: Daley's ground game continues to improve, but only from a defensive standpoint in order to get the fight back to the feet. It still remains his Achilles' heel, and Kampmann happens to have a solid grappling game coupled with his kickboxing background. Kampmann needs to be much more calculated in his strikes to setup the takedown, but I see him putting a submission on Daley. Martin Kampmann via submission, Round 2.

Josh Koscheck vs. Frank Trigg

Luke Thomas: Unless he can control Koscheck - and he can't - Trigg can't win. Trigg in many ways still has the proto-typical style of wrestling converts who have to muscle opposition to get them where he wants them. Unless Koscheck makes major mistakes, that's not going to happen. Koscheck by decision.

Kid Nate: Been thinking about this a lot lately. Koscheck is far and away the more dynamic athlete at this point in time and he's probably more well rounded as well, but he still struggles to transition from one phase of the game to the next. Trigg is coming off a long layoff and fighting at a lighter weight than he has in years. Coin toss. Koscheck by submission.

Brent Brookhouse: As Trigg said, it's like he's fighting himself in a mirror. Except the him in the mirror is faster, stronger, fresher, better. Josh Koscheck by TKO, round 2.

Michael Rome: Fight is hopeless for Trigg unless Koscheck decides to be reckless, which he does a lot lately. Even standing I think he wins though, Josh Koscheck via KO, round 1.

Mike Fagan: Koscheck on the Countdown show: "Frank Trigg is good at two things. One, giving up his back. Two, tapping out." He's already owned Trigg with the trash talk, and he'll own him in the cage too. Josh Koscheck by (dominating) decision.

Chris Nelson: Why is Trigg back in the UFC? Shortage of 170-pound gatekeepers? Insert tired line about Koscheck being a young Trigg here. Koscheck via TKO, round 2.

Eugene Schelfaut: Trigg does not win this. "Twinkle Toes" will not be off his back if Koscheck shoots through him and puts him there. Josh Koscheck via RNC, round 3.

Nick Thomas: Trigg is way too big of an underdog in this fight. But that doesn't mean he's going to win. Koscheck could win this by ground and pound... but I'll go with Koscheck by submission.

Leland Roling: I've always liked Frank Trigg for the simple fact that he doesn't really care what anyone thinks. He's a guy who speaks his mind, and he plays the heel perfectly. But this time, I think he's met his match. Not only does Koscheck play the heel, he is, in fact, a younger, faster version of Trigg himself. And that's the real problem... can Trigg contend with Koscheck? Koscheck's wrestling is going to be a huge load for Trigg to deal with, and striking may be advantageous to Trigg if he's improved. The only way I see Trigg winning is by Koscheck's wildness, and I don't see it happening. Josh Koscheck via decision.

Hermes Franca vs. Tyson Griffin

Luke Thomas: As much as I see Griffin putting himself in bad spots, I see him extracting himself from them as well. Rinse and repeat. And like Sherk, Griffin's pace is going to stymie Franca as the fight wears on. Griffin by split decision.

Kid Nate: Tyson Griffin is the decision king of the lightweight division. His submission game won't come into play against Franca's BJJ mastery. Tyson has far better technical kickboxing but Franca has the KO power. I think Tyson will rely on his wrestling to put Franca on his back and grind out another decision. Griffin by decision.

Brent Brookhouse: I'd love to see Hermes get a W as people are starting to forget how good he really is. But Tyson is great at controlling fights and taking decisions. Tyson Griffin by decision.

Michael Rome: Really bad fight for Franca, who will spend the whole fight hunting for submissions while he loses a decision. Griffin via decision.

Mike Fagan: I'm not sure how this looks any different than Franca's fights with Sherk and Edgar. He spent the vast majority of those fights on his back, and he'll do the same in this fight. Even if Griffin decides to stand, he'll likely lose the fight there too. Tyson Griffin by decision.

Chris Nelson: Franca and Griffin have 13 decisions in their combined 18 UFC fights. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this one's going the distance, with Griffin doing his usual grind out top game. Griffin via decision.

Eugene Schelfaut: If Tyson gets tagged on the feet, I see him as being able to take it to the ground if conscious and recover. Franca has the ability to end it with his hands, but won't: Tyson Griffin via decision.

Nick Thomas: Nothing new for Griffin here. Griffin by decision.

Leland Roling: Nate laid it out perfectly, and I can't argue with that. Griffin should be able to use his strength to power out of submission grabs and use a top control game to win this blanket fight by decision. Tyson Griffin via decision.

Bet on Franklin Belfort, Cro Cop vs. Dos Santos

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It’s good to be back on the pages of the Moneymaker newsletter for a big season of college football. You can read more of my writing every day at sports-1.
Full disclosure—I wish this was some other team than Tulane in this spot. Still, there are so many situational components here to justify a play against BYU that we’ll give the Green Wave a shot. First of all, this is a classic ‘letdown spot’ with BYU off of one of their biggest upsets in program history and certainly their biggest since the Lavell Edwards era. This leads us to another important concept--no team is as good as they look at their best, or as bad as they look at their worst. This is basically a contrarian guideline--sort of like in the stock market when you should 'sell when everyone else is buying and vice versa'. Consider what the public perception of the spot will be with BYU off the biggest upset of the opening week and Tulane getting throttled by Tulsa--"John Q. Public" won't realize that Tulane lost a lot of practice time as over a dozen key players suffered from 'flu like symptoms' in the week or two prior to the game
It also qualifies as a "Sandwich" spot: This is what really makes this a great situational spot for a play on Tulane. In addition to the 'letdown' after their big upset they have what we call a 'lookahead' spot for BYU on 9/19 as they open their home season against Florida State. So they open their season against OU, Tulane and Florida State--which game do you think is the least significant to BYU? I wouldn't be surprised if running back Harvey Unga sits out this week as well. He’s currently listed as ‘questionable’, but even if he plays it doesn’t really change this handicap. If anything, it might mean that BYU will want to work on their running game which was almost nonexistent against Oklahoma and that works in our favor with long drives eating up the clock.
Bronco Mendenhall (who is just a great coach, BTW, and the first decent guy BYU has had running the program since Lavell Edwards retired) has said that his teams aren't going to run up scores on overmatched opponents "even if it hurts them in the BCS standings". That's not exactly true (last year they beat UCLA and Wyoming on successive weekends by a combined score of 112-0 or thereabouts) but BYU hasn't shown a tendency to blow teams out on the road. Their biggest margin of victory on the road LY was 20 points at Utah State. If they get a margin, look for Max Hall and a number of other starters to sit, leaving the door open for a 'back door cover'.
I really don’t see Tulane pulling the outright upset, but off an emotionally and physically draining game against the Sooners and with the Seminoles on deck I don’t see BYU getting any kind of a margin either. Tulane can put points on the board and though they won’t win a shootout with the Coogs they have an excellent chance at keeping the margin respectable and cashing our ticket. BYU hasn’t been a great ATS team in recent years (10-15 overall L3 years, 4-8 on the road) and in a mindset where they’ve got bigger fish to fry they’ll likely be happy to phone in a win.
South Carolina will live and die by their defense this year and was evidenced in their opening game victory at NC State the Gamecocks have a pretty good stop unit. Georgia is working in a new quarterback, and their offense didn’t look particularly impressive against Oklahoma State either. Most significantly, perhaps, every time these two teams line it up it’s a classic SEC war. Some of the situational records from the series should give you an idea of what we’re talking about—12 of the last 14 head to head matchups have gone UNDER. 5 of the last 7 games in Athens have gone UNDER. The individual teams are also strong ‘UNDER’ sides—the Gamecocks have gone UNDER in 15 of their L24 lined games, 6 of 11 on the road and 7 of 8 in September. The Bulldogs have gone UNDER in 9 of their last 11 at this price range (-3’ to -10). Some interest in the Gamecocks +7, but this is probably a smarter way to play it.
I’m not particularly impressed with this Georgia Tech team, though Paul Johnson is a solid coach. For that reason I was surprised to see money come in on the Yellow Jackets with the line being bet up from the opening -4 to the current price. There’s been some concern over the status of Tigers’ running back CJ Hiller after he left the game last Saturday against Middle Tennessee with either a hamstring pull or a foot injury, depending on which report you read. Hiller maintains that he’s 100% and is ready to go against Tech (the injury reports ‘officially’ list him as ‘probable’). As one of the best running backs in the country, his play is crucial for the Tigers’ success in this game and all year long.
I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong about something, and I’ll gladly affirm that was the case with Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney. I initially thought he was over his head in his role at the Tigers’ helm but he proved me wrong and has revitalized the program in TigerTown. Swinney took over the team following a 3-3 start and won 4 of the last 6 regular season game including a big in-state rivalry victory over South Carolina. His first game was a loss—against Georgia Tech.
Clemson has the better defense, and since the Tigers joined the ACC this series has been a dead even affair SU at 13-13. The series itself dates back to the Paleolithic era of college football—the two teams have played dating back to 1903 when Clemson won by a 73-0 score under head coach John Heisman (as in the ‘Heisman Trophy’).
The Tigers have covered 9 of their L12 as a road dog in this price range (+3’ to +7) and have covered 10 of 17 overall against Georgia Tech as well as 5 of the L8 in Atlanta. In my opinion, they’re the better team and we’re getting a nice value on the Tigers. Look for Clemson to win outright here.
Big game for Army, as Rich Ellerson makes his home debut off of a nice win at Eastern Michigan. Everyone knows the deal with Army—they’ll run, run, run all game. Early money backed the Cadets, moving the line to Army -2’ after it opened Duke -1. We like Army to pull out a hard fought SU victory as well, but the total looks like the better play here. Duke is far from an offensive juggernaut and only put 16 points on the board last week in a loss to FCS/1-AA Richmond. To be fair, Richmond has a very good program at that level but an inability to put points up versus a lower competitive level of football doesn’t bode well for their ability to do so here. On the other hand, Duke has a decent defense which helps our position on the UNDER even more.
The Blue Devils have gone UNDER in 12 of their L15 September games, and 10 of their L12 on the road. Going back even further, Duke has gone UNDER in 19 of their L25 away games. Army has gone UNDER in 3 of 10 at this price range (-3 to +3) and that is particularly significant here. What that suggests is that a team that is usually a sizable underdog brings a little extra intensity into games where they’ve got the best chance of winning. In what should be a festive atmosphere in West Point, they’ll control the ball, win the game and send this one UNDER.
Jim Murphy is a staff writer and interactive marketing consultant for Sports-1 Sportsbook.

UFC 103 odds and vegas betting lines

We’ll have some official selections on UFC 103 later this week, but for now here are the current UFC 103 betting odds with a brief comment on each fight. While some mainstream media types have panned the UFC 103 fight card for lacking a ‘marquee matchup’, MMA hardcores have praised the card as top to bottom one of the most solid and competitive of the year. MMA betting enthusiasts, meanwhile, will find no shortage of attractive underdogs on which to wager.

Rich Franklin -155
Vitor Belfort +125

Rich Franklin remains at a high level, but you gotta love the value in this catchweight fight with the underdog Vitor Belfort. Belfort has some of the fastest hands in the sport and the ability to knockout even tough SOBs like his Affliction: Day of Reckoning victim Matt Lindland. Franklin has looked very sharp of late, but this line may reflect the general public’s greater familiarity with Franklin relative to Belfort than it does any qualitative advantage in the fight.

Mirko Cro Cop +110
Junior Dos Santos -140

Another live dog in Croatian striking machine Mirko Cro Cop. Cro Cop’s career has had its ups and downs since leaving PRIDE for the UFC, and the question now is simply: ‘Does he have anything left’? We’re thinking he does, and you’re getting one of the most feared strikers in the history of MMA as an underdog. Dos Santos is a nice young fighter, but his biggest wins have been over Stephan Struve and Fabrico Werdum. Cro Cop has fought the best of the best and won the PRIDE Open Weight GP Title by beating Josh Barnett and Wanderlei Silva. On the same night. Cro Cop looked fairly decent in his last UFC fight, though he competed without using his legendary kicks due to recent knee surgery. Now he says he’s 100% physically. Cro Cop may not be the fighter he was in 2006 but that line about ‘right leg—hospital, left leg—cemetery’ is no joke. Don’t be surprised if Cro Cop wins by KO here with Dos Santos introduced to his trademark high left kick.

Martin Kampmann No line
Paul Daley No line

Paul ‘Semtex’ Daley is a late replacement for Mike Swick, who suffered an injury in training. Fight is currently off the board.

Frank Trigg +290
Josh Koshchek -360

Another attractive underdog in veteran Trigg, who is getting nearly 3/1 against Sideshow Bob…er…Josh Kosheck. Koshcheck one of the best wrestlers in MMA, while Trigg has lost only to the best of the best (GSP, Matt Hughes, Hayato ‘Mach’ Sakurai, Robbie Lawler, Carlos Condit).

Tyson Griffin -305
Hermes Franca +245

Franca enters having lost two of his last three fights, and may need a win here to remain in the UFC. He’ll have a tough opponent against one of the UFC’s ‘human highlight films’, Tyson Griffin. Much like Clay Guida (whom Griffin defeated by split decision in a ‘fight of the year’ candidate bout), you’re not going to outwork Griffin.
Don’t forget you can follow all of the UFC 103 action LIVE at THE SAVAGE SCIENCE

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