Watch Antonio Margarito vs. Shane Mosley

Its one of the most anticipated boxing showdowns of 2009. Mosley vs. Margarito will go down this Saturday, live from the historic Staples Center in Los Angeles. It will be a difficult pick for fight fans as we’re forced to choose between two epic cards this Saturday. On the one hand we have Affliction 2: Day Of Reckoning with Fedor taking on number one heavyweight contender Andrei Arlovski and on the other there the always entertaining Shane Mosley taking on the exciting Antonio “Tijuana Tornado” Margarito. Which of these main events would will you choose to watch?

In reality I’ll just Tivo one event and watch the other live, but its an interesting question for a mad boxing fan who has fallen in love with MMA over the past four years. Which one is the more important, which is the more exiting and which will draw the bigger audience? The last question looks like the easiest to answer. The boxing event will undoubtedly draw the bigger PPV figure. Mosley and Margarito have established reputations in the US while Fedor, Arlovski and Affliction in particular are still battling for respectability and legitimacy. They’re widely known among hardcore fans however they’re still battling for the main stream audience. Which fight is the more important or significant? That’s a much harder question to answer as it is much more subjective. Fedor is widely considered the best heavyweight fighter in MMA. A large percentage of fans and pundits consider him to be the best pound for pound fighter in the world also. He truly is one of the livening legends of MMA and combat sports. A showdown with Arlovski while important is still looks relatively one sided. The odds say it all, at -350 the betting public clearly favour the Russian. The same can be said for Mosley vs. Margarito however. Margarito is the heavy favourite and should come out ahead if the lines makes are to be trusted.

Which one will be more exiting is the hardest question of the three. Fedor has produced several of MMA most exiting moments and fights. He’ll go down as of the most electrifying fighters in the sports history. Rarely has he been involved in boring fights. Arlovski on the other hand has had a few disappointing showings. Margarito’s style is one of the most exciting in boxing while Mosley has been involved in some historic wars. Sugar however appears to be on the decline. Its unclear if he can keep up the Mexicans pace or ferocity.

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