Margarito vs. Mosley Predictions

The question on every fight fans mind this Saturday will be which of these two main events they will watch. Will it be the sweet science of boxing featuring Margarito vs. Mosley or will be the growing phenomenon of MMA and second Affliction card “Day of Reckoning“ featuring Fedor and Arlovski?

My verdict is clear. While it may close, I still recommend going with Margarito vs. Mosley over Affliction. My reasoning is simple, Margarito is on the verge of super stardom. I want to see him reach the next level in main stream consciousness. A knockout victory tonight should propel him to the next level.

Fedor is an absolute fighting machine. Andrei Arlovski is more than solid. His stand-up has improved tremendously over past year or so however I cant see him troubling Emelianenko for more than one or two rounds. The Belorussian's ground game has never been tested, rarely has been on his back. Outside a spectacular submission victory over Tim Syliva several years ago he has hot demonstrated great ground work.

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