What is the "Free Fight Video" blog all about?

MMA has grown into the mainstream vocabulary faster than just about any other sport in the world and so has demand for MMA media content especially fight videos.

We collect and post the absolute best in free MMA fight videos from various third parties. These videos are hosted else where we simply link to them. We hope to become you're home for MMA fight videos, TV shows, countdown programs and other MMA related media including radio shows and other audio programs.

The name says is all.

It has been said that watching a fight live is like the high the chemically dependent person gets from the use of cocaine or alcohol. Watching MMA really is like a drug. Simply bookmark us for your daily MMA fix and watch as this loose collection of MMA enthusiasts, degenerate gamblers, drunks and misfits brings you latest and greatest fight around.

About MMA

Mixed Martials Arts or MMA for short is the ultimate fight sport today. It’s a mix of various traditional fighting styles while at the same time being loyal to its core roots of free style and no holds bared fighting. While it may not be as ‘free’ as it once was its still the closest thing to ‘real’ fighting that we’ll ever have. Rules are a vital to the sports integrity, long levity and most importantly fighter safety.

Its still remains a very young sport with evolving rules and regulations. Clear human fighting has always been part of our nature. Organized fighting however can be traced back to around 648 BC. Ever since we’ve wondered who really strongest man on the planet is. The current MMA phenomenon continues that quest in finding the strongest and best fighter in the world.

The UFC (The Ultimate Fighting Championship) has brought MMA to the forefront of North American culture. Fighters such Randy “The Natural” Couture, Tito Ortiz, Anderson “The Spider” Silva and Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell have become households names in the US. The sport has gone from being the black sheep in in the fight game to the “next big thing“ in less than 5 years.

There is no doubt that MMA is set to become a major force internationally too. MMA is just as big in Korea and Japan as it is here in the USA and is slowly catching on England, Holland and dozens of other countries.

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