Chuck Zito - Fight Legend

I cant wait to see Chuck Zito in the ring or cage. He is one of mixed martial arts biggest characters and one of its first celebrity fans. Now you can catch him on satellite radio on Howard 100 and Howard 101. He was also part of Affiliations latest show and was entertaining as hell.

A lot of you will propably find this page looking for info on the infamous Jean Claude Van Dam Chuck Zito street fight if you could call it that. It was a one sided beat down really. Hustler Magazine has a pretty accurate account of the story:

The deed he’s most famous for was when he decked Belgian action hero Jean-Claude Van Damme at a Manhattan strip club in February, 1998.
"The man who calls himself The Muscles from Brussels went down like a sack of potatoes and curled up in the fetal position after taking a blow from his former bodyguard," read an article in The Globe. "This ain’t the movies!" Zito reportedly shouted as Van Damme lay in a heap, "This is the street, and I own the street!"

"[Van Damme] is just a very arrogant and disrespectful person," Zito told the New York Post, whose front-page headline was JEAN-CLAUDE VAN SLAMMED! "He was saying, ‘Chuck Zito doesn’t have any heart.’ There are people who will take that kind of abuse. I am not one of them," claimed the man who came to be known as "The Van-Damminator."

This interviewer is lucky to escape with his life after disrespecting the legendary Chuck Zito.


  1. he didnt disrespect him... lame...

  2. manhattan strip club 1998? there would have been security cameras recorded it gauranteed. so til i see a video i truley doubt that fag dude up there did that lol. and even if you did get over urself you dipshit. join MMA if ur the van daminator.

  3. Actually he seems like he's a very kind fellow.
    And now he's on the record as being a straight shooter who keeps his nose clean, so this is an opportunity he use to say "I've ALWAYS said that I don't use drugs."

    He didn't look pissed off at all.

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