Machida vs. Thiago Silva Fight Video

This was one of the most overlooked fights of the year however it ended in memorable fashion. I don't think that Lyoto Machida had won over every UFC fan on Saturday however after last night there can be no doubt that he truly is among the elite of the sport. He completely controlled the unbeaten Thiago Silva for the entire first round and finished him of with some hard hitting ground and pound. Below is the video of the UFC 94 knockout of the night winner, Lyoto Machida vs Thiago Silva.

Lyoto Machida vs. Thiago video

Machida deserves a shot at light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans more than anyone else at the moment. No matter what happens between Rampage and Jardine, I want to see "The Dragon" be the next man to fight for belt 2009.


  1. I like Thiago Silva, I think in a few more years he will be one of the greats. This fight was basically machida beating on a youngster.

    When Silva got up he looked like he was in denial

  2. Thiago Silva, not that great! a few more years he'll just be the same, Lyoto is gonna be the best for a record breaking long time.