Karo Parisian Suspended For Failed Drug Test By NSAC

This is the video of the hearing.


  1. I hate commission hearings. They have no point. Their minds are made up before they sit down, and all it does is frustrate and cause unnecesary anxiety to the "defendant", with false hope.The test is what it is. They could have mailed this in, and how does the state have a right to take money. These horse and poney shows are just to throw a few paychecks around to the fat guys in the suits. They could have mailed this one in, and not even bother with appeals when a fighter tests positive. That guy had a power boner up there. I would love to see Karo fight the entire room at the same time, for embarassing him. And I'd love to see an especially good judo toss to the fattest guy, who condescendingly spoke to Karo, tossed on his head.

  2. Seeing these useless people who obviously get a charge out of having power over others really upsets me. This is only the second time I've watched these paper pushers in action and it's infuriating that they have and abuse the amount of power that they have been given. I'm just an MMA fan and I don't think much of Karo... but I'm more bothered when I see weak useless people like this commission be given this kind of power. I couldn't believe the part at the end where they get to randomly decide how much money they will take from a fighter and give to the state. That is left and it should be as illegal as any other theft. It would make more sense if they could rule that the fighter had to give money back to the organization that paid it out... but to snatch it away for themselves is so wrong and a great abuse of power. These people got bullied on the playground when they were little and now they are enjoying being able to bully someone else.