Russian TV Report on Fedor Emelianenko

This is a collection Russian news clips on Fedor, his life and career from 2002 to 2006. The first clip appears to be a "60 Minutes" style report on Fedor (possibly from his hometown), followed by various other news clips which include interviews with his coach and wife. Even if don't understand the language you get a sense of Fedor's background, life and family you don't usually get in typical MMA interviews.

Thanks to TSGIGOR from the UG.

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  1. he mentions that he had some doubts and fears when he first started in mma cause he was pro at judo and sambo but didnt know how well he would do in a new style of fighting. the woman you see is his wife oksana. he talks about how in russia there is a shortage of support from local and regional governments for mma and other fight training making it harder to produce quality fighters. he thanks the japanese fans for their support and says he hopes to continue "bringing them happiness". i only watched the first 20m cause it wouldnt load but i wish i could see it all