Overrated: The Anderson Silva Story

Silva is incredibly skillful. Very talented, no doubt one of the most complete fighters in MMA. However the greatest still set in game counts for nothing if you cant execute when it matters .

Silva did not have an “off night”. Like Liddell in his past five fights, Silva was exposed. Let him come to you and he’ll choke. When forced to create opportunities, he was too scared pull the trigger. He choked against Cote and he chocked against Leites. And no, Anderson is not bored or disinterested. Those are the excuses of MMA geeks to justify their lame P4P lists.

His reputation was built on mediocre competition. He has dominated the UFC’s weakest division. Outside his very impressive win over Dan Henderson his record is not that special. If you cant finish Cote and if you cant finish Leites, two of the most undeserving UFC fighters to ever receive a title shot, who the can you finish.


  1. Right on the money...worth noting that none other than Dana White was furious with Silva's performance and his lack of interest in finishing the fight. Obviously the Montreal crowd knew the score as evidenced by their 'GSP' chants...

  2. White kept it real this time.

  3. ^^But wont last longer than a day, Anderson will be p4p king in less than a week.

  4. UFC and Dana White are the most powerful forces in MMA today. They have now marketed Anderson Silva, their top dog to be the best pound for pound above any fighter. Silva can’t and shouldn’t lose because he’s holding UFC’s flag. If you’re a true mma fan and not a UFC fan you’d this truth: that Silva is fake.
    He is virtually unbeatable in UFC only because they get to choose a fighter that’s mostly lower than Silva’s level (except Dan Henderson). In truth, Silva is just another one dimensional stand up fighter like Gilbert Yvel or Mirko Cro Cop who would lose at some mediocre striker but well rounded mma fighter. Sure, he’s an undisputed champion in UFC, but in pride he was just an upcoming fighter with a big promise but lost to some class c fighter. Clearly, he doesn’t belong to the elite class of fighters.
    But the thing is, he’s not also a great striker as people think. His striking skills are also in question. Why? Before you can be called an elite striker you should be able to dominate another elite striker as well. All right, name a striker he fought that is within or at least near his level? Tetsuji Kato, Roan Caneiro, Carlos Newton, Jeremy Horn, Nate, Leben etc. They’re mostly not strikers and moreover their not elite fighters (Carlos Newton who’s an elite wrestler) Hayato Sakurai? Considering him elite is up to you but the thing is Sakurai is literally not Silva’s level. He was fighting welterweight at that time. Silva’s real weight is good for light heavy weight and heavyweight. Any fighter would say that the reason why they have to cut weight that big is because they want to have a higher chance of winning. That fight with Sakurai, Anderson Silva received big punches but he didn’t get hurt, why? Because he’s chin belongs to the bigger and more powerful divisions. Imagine Brock getting down to middleweight, let’s see if Silva can hurt him with his hands.
    Dan Henderson belongs to the elite but listen, he got a shot at anderson’s title right after his lost to Rampage. Can’t you smell a rat from there? Why would you give a fighter a title shot after a loss? I suspect that they want to soften an elite fighter up by doing that. Have you seen Hendo vs Silva? Clearly he lost because he gassed. He’s cardio is the reason why he lost. Imagine if Hendo has the cardio he had in pride? It’s gonna be like Josh Barnett and Gilbert Yvel: Total domination on the ground.

    The reason why Silva vs Belfort didn’t happen is because they’re afraid that Silva might get knocked out by Vitor’s fast hands. Sure, Silva is a great muai thai striker but not a boxer. He got TKO’d in boxing early in his career. Vitor is clearly the better and more powerful boxer.
    Silva, if you’ve seen all his fights, you’d notice that his strongest weapons are not his hands but his knees. He has never KO’d someone with his hands. He also has never knock anyone out unconscious. Just TKO.
    The ultimate reason why Silva is being to put on the same class as Fedor is because of the politics of the organization. UFC’s man should on the top no matter what. But in truth, as you’ve seen in pride, Silva doesn’t belong to the elite class, much more to the fighter above the elite, which is Fedor.

  5. "Silva, if you’ve seen all his fights, you’d notice that his strongest weapons are not his hands but his knees. He has never KO’d someone with his hands."

    Great article and I must say I like the insight, but this particular line has a hole in it. Silva did KO Forrest with his hands.