Stupid Answers To Random Emails

"Hey there, I'm an Oregonian. I got wind of the location and part of the fight card for UFC 101. Just wondering if anyone knows if it'll be in Portland ? I also read that Randy vs. Big Nog will be on the card and possibly Forrest Griffin too ? Just curious when and if it's on because the NW is prime MMA territory. We'll sell that thing out for sure."


Hey Anonymous,
MMAMania reported that the UFC is looking at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia
as a destination for the event. It appears previous plans to host UFC 101 in Portland, Oregon have fallen through. B.J. Penn will fight Kenny Florian for the lightweight championship while Forrest Griffin will make his return against Thiago Silva. Brandon Vera vs. Matt Hamill was planned for the card but has now been moved to UFC 102.

"Hi, My friend wants to fight Kimbo, do you know who I can contact. Please email me back to make this fight happen."

Harvey, Somewhere

Kimbo has taken a break from fighting and is currently contemplating his next career move.

"Hey, Do you guys make up emails sent in to you like 60 minutes does?"
Ben Dover, London

Absolutely not Mr. Dover. All these emails are completely legitimate.

"Greetings, do you think a lot of MMA fighters take steroids. I think there are ways to get around these tests. A lot of guys like Bob Sapp have fought in the US and never tested positive. Very rarely do you see UFC guys test positive anyways, even the under card guys rarely test positive. Do you really think they're all clean?"

Tyrone, Here/There

Tyrone, I know I take steroids. My balls are so small, they’re on verge of becoming raisins. On a serious note, steroids should be legalized. Private sporting organizations should have the right to determine whether their athletes can or cannot use them in competition.

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