UFC and Cro Cop reunite

Well by know you would have all heard the news that Cro Cop is after all returning to the UFC. This is the best news in sports that I've heard in a long while but still Paula Abdul is more stable than this guy. First he was in, than he was out but finally he came to his senses and made the right decision by the fans. Subjectively speaking he could have had few tough match-ups in Affliction an Dream too but the UFC was best decision for both for his career and legacy.

He can make a boat load of money, become a fan favorite once again and capture the most prestigious title in MMA if things go his way. There are huge number of match-ups to look forward to but I’m not going to count my chickens before they hatch. I think we’ve all been guilty of that when it comes to Cro Cop. The guy has all the tools to become one of the best once again, but its all mental with Mirko. I wish him the best and hope that UFC fans will finally see that famous left high kick.

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