Betting On Strikeforce: Carano vs. Cyborg

I really hope you guys didn’t lose your shirts during UFC 101. It was a mixed bag for bettors, some even dared to think that Penn and Silva would lose their bouts over the weekend. Neither guy looked great coming into their bouts and both looked like they were due for an upset. Forest Griffin was simply outclassed and got caught with his chin hanging way out. We wont be seeing him challenging for a title shot any time soon. Anderson Silva is in a class of his own winning his last 11. Kenny Florian put up a better showing but he too was out of his league. BJ Penn is the undisputed lightweight king inside the octagon. As our friend at Zewkey reported, FC 101 underdog winners were plenty.

The weekend is once again packed with some great MMA betting opportunities for you guys. This time its Strikeforce Carano vs. Cyborg.

The worlds second strongest MMA org will showcase the best female fighters in the sport, as Gina Carano takes on Christiane (Cyborg) Santos for the inaugural Strikeforce Women's Championship. There are a few other big names on this card, with the likes of with Babalu Sobral, and Werdum topping the list.

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