Big Brother Betting Odds Update: Rodrigo Favored

Rodrigo is now the betting favorite for Big Brother 10 according to the latest Big Brother betting odds. Over the past weeks half a dozen house mates have been leading the betting to win. Siavash and Sophie are now available 13/5, with Siavash at 3/1 and Sophie at 10/3. Odds are changing all the time, make sure to stay ahead of the game by placing your bets early. For more entertainment betting tips and picks make sure to sign up to our newsletter. Below is a sample of our best work.
The Aftermath of “The Sopranos prop”

An old conventional wisdom about betting with “local bookmakers” goes something like this: “When you bet with a local bookie there are two sweats: winning your bet and getting paid.” I never imagined that this would apply to getting paid offshore for a winning bet on “The Sopranos” prop.

More about that in a moment. The good news was that the first episode of “The Sopranos” 6th season went down just as I had predicted. There were three deaths in the first episode: a random guy that owed the Soprano family money gets shot. FBI informant Ray Curto drops dead in an agent's car just as he's about to spill the beans on some nefarious act committed by Tony. And late in the show our choice for “first to die”--Eugene Pontecorvo—hangs himself. Since the offshore books taking action on the “first to die” prop made it clear that they wouldn't pay for the death of a random character (WWTS specified that the death “must be a known character”) and Raymond Curto wasn't on the list at any of the books getting the bet graded as a winner would be a forgone conclusion. Or so I thought...

The problems began with a case of mistaken identity: a number of news sources including the New York Daily News incorrectly identified the guy that dropped dead in the FBI agent's car as Patsy Parisi and not Curto. This was a problem since Patsy was on the “first to die” list at Pinnacle, Oasis and YouWager. Pinnacle, to their credit, tried to do the right thing and grade the wager quickly—grading bets on Patsy as winners and on everyone else (including our bet on Eugene) as a loser. At this writing, Pinnacle is researching the matter further after being made aware of the error. Since what I presume to be the “official source” on this matter—the plot synopsis on the HBO website—clearly lists Curto as the dead informant I'm hopeful that this will get paid correctly. Asways one of my favourite online betting destinations paid in full. Note: Sports betting Australia is not limted to the AFL and racing only, you can place bets on anything from Australian Idol to your next state election.

WWTS had a different prop, on whether or not a member of the Soprano crime family would die in Episode One. Since not one, but two of them met their final reward this was clearly a winner and the book has paid on these bets.

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