Chuck Liddell + Dancing With The Stars = Disaster?

Despite popular opinion, UFC light heavyweight superstar Chuck Liddell is a man of many contradictions.

On one hand, he is one of the most feared knockout artists in MMA betting history and perhaps one the league’s most intimidating fighters of all-time. He seemingly represents the “everyman” UFC fan from small towns across America, and it’s easy to picture “The Iceman” kicking back on a warm summer day in front of the grill cooking BBQ chicken and throwing back a few beers with his trademark mini-gut hanging out.

But what many others don’t know is that he also is a notoriously club-scene lover who enjoys painting his toenails and dancing deep into the morning; so much so that it’s even been rumored to be a hobby of his on nights before a fight.

Now, Liddell plans to take those dancing skills to the uber-popular ABC reality show “Dancing with the Stars,” along with fellow athletic celebrity Michael Irvin and such well-known people as R&B singer Mya, Kelly Osbourne, and singer Macy Gray.

Speculation and talk about whether or not Liddell would retire from the UFC should be on hold while the world sits back and watches if The Iceman has what it takes out-dance some of his celebrity contemporaries.

He might not seem like the most graceful guy in the Octagon but never underestimate what a pro athlete can do when given proper instructions and the time it takes to commit to something. They are extremely competitive people and many athletes have had success on Dancing with the Stars including Emmitt Smith and Warren Sapp, the latter a guy not many people expected to have a good run on the show due to his size and perceived lack of gracefulness.

Also, BetUS will no doubt have odds on who’s going to win Dancing with the Stars as it has been a popular bet in past seasons. Who knows, Liddell might actually be worth throwing a fellow bucks on as an underdog.

And of course, if you have no idea who to bet on, you can always just ask your wife or significant other who they think has the best chance to win. If you watch the show with her, those hours might be used as an excuse to watch some extra football on the weekends.

Dancing with the Stars’ new season with Liddell is expected to begin on September 21st on ABC this fall, so if your not MMA betting or sports betting, get into the groove and bet on DWTS at BetUS.

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