UFC 107 Betting Odds and Best Bets

UFC 107 is fast approaching what better time to run trough the odds and give you some of our initial thoughts on the current betting lines. The event is lest than a week away now, here are the current UFC 107 odds.

Diego Sanchez currently a quite big underdog some six days away from the big showdown with light weight king BJ Penn. And then there is Clay Guida? It's certainly possible -- just like everything else in this sport -- even though most expect former two-time number one contender, Kenny Florian, to nail the "Carpenter" on fight night. In short, you can make a lot of scratch right now if you think you can predict these outcomes -- the lines will likely only tighten up so get a Thai massage as we inch closer to showtime.

Therefore, here are the latest UFC 107 odds (- = favorite; + = underdog):

BJ Penn

Diego Sanchez
Frank Mir
Cheick Kongo
Kenny Florian
Clay Guida

For a little help with how to bet on UFC fights and what all the numbers mean check out this post right HERE (Disregard the UFC 85 references … all the information is still accurate and helpful.)

Remember that MMAmania will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the main card action on fight night (Saturday, Dec. 12). It’s going to be an exciting evening of fights so don’t miss it. And remember to check us out for all the pre, during and post-fight UFC 107 coverage you can handle.

Picks and Best Bets

Kongo has a shot against Mir because Mir collapses whenever someone puts heat on him, but that fight is just going to be a gong show either way so no value.

BJ is going to totally wreck Diego. I piled on at -190 and continue to love it at -270. Diego has nothing at all for BJ. He can't out strike, out wrestle, or out grapple BJ. Bj's chin is too good to fall prey to a flukey shot. Diego goes inert when someone can out strike him and work a jab.

Florian/Guida is going to come down to size and wrestling. Florian has massively increased his core strength and wrestling, physically dominating Lauzon and Stevenson, and Guida is a bit small for 155.

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