Erin Andrews Conspiracy Theories

David Whitley over at Fanhouse puts on his tin foil hat as he puts some popular Erin Andrews conspiracy theories to the test.

Conspiracy Theory One -- Andrews staged the video

Evidence: She's hot right now, but at 31 it won't be too many years before the cheesecake appeal fades. Go for the Paris Hilton Effect and intentionally leak a nude video.

Verdict: No way. Until she does a reality show with Nicole Ritchie, Andrews deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Conspiracy Theory Two -- ESPN staged it

Evidence: It's TV.

For all its serious journalistic pretense, ESPN doesn't mind flashing a little T&A. Witness last week's NASCAR ceremony at the White House. ESPN got a sit-down interview on the lawn with Barack Obama. Nicole Manske set a record for shortest skirt worn by a non-Clinton intern. Let's just say Helen Thomas hasn't worn pumps like that since the Hoover Administration.

Verdict: Again, no way. Nobody at ESPN would be foolish enough to actually propose a peep-show caper in lieu of Andrews doing a commercial with Syracuse's mascot.

Sub-Conspiracy Theory Two – Some rogue associated with ESPN was behind it

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Where's the Truth in Erin Andrews Saga?

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